Honor of Kings Captain Red Hawk event Guide: How to get Alessio for free

New event underway in Honor of Kings!

Alessio, also known as Captain Red Hawk, has finally arrived in Honor of Kings. He comes under the Marksman category and undoubtedly can be marked as an S-tier pick. The developers created their hype through a strong animated backstory.

This hero generally costs 13888 gold, but in this guide, we will discuss how to get it for free. Not only that, but we will also enlighten you on how to collect its exclusive avatar frame and other rewards.

Honor of Kings Alessio Captain Red Hawk Event: Overview

First, open your game, and on the homepage, you will see a popup along with the message A new hero has arrived. Click on that, and then it will ask for your permission to download an additional 400+ MB of game data. After the installation, you will enter the mission page, Hero Debut, where you will see that it is divided into two parts: Hero Trials and Seasonal Campaigns.

Image via Level Infinite

By completing the hero trial, you will get to know about the hero skill while receiving a minor gift, but when you launch the Seasonal Campaign, it will lead you to obtain two 50% Alessio voucher cards, which can be redeemed in the store by purchasing our captain absolutely free.

How to unlock Alessio in Honor of Kings Captain Red Hawk Seasonal Campaign

This started with a proper storyline when our Alessio met with Biron the Steele. Then they discussed some ships that they needed to steal; the chapter is called The Rumoured Ghost Ship. After the agreement, they are trying to figure out how to steal it, but they fail twice; they don’t give up that easily. Finally, Alessio proposes a plan that works out perfectly, so the chapter is called The Perfect Plan.

Image via Level Infinite

They are facing lots of trouble while stealing the ship, but when they set sail in the ocean, bad luck follows them there too. The patrolling guards recognize their ship and then try to sink it, but somehow they try to escape with their deadly duo combo: Biron controlling the ship and Alessio distracting the enemies.

So, the chapter named after them is The Perfect Plan. After this, there are a lot of ups and downs, but somehow they manage to survive, cherishing their own memories, in the chapter named Running Aground after touching the shore. When the storyline is finished, you will be rewarded with vouchers and some additional gifts by clicking on the Main Mission tab.

Red Hawk Observation Log

This is also an interesting event that is live. First, go to the events section and then click on Captain Red Hawk, which can be found in the second tab. There are a total of 4 storyboards, all connected through Alessio’s backstory.

Image via Level Infinite

Each frame needs 10 bullets to unlock. When the whole storyboard is unlocked, you can claim the Alessio Avatar border. In order to unlock frames quickly, all you need to do is complete some simple tasks:

  • Login daily
  • Share a story card 1 time
  • Complete one 5v5 match daily
  • Use Alessio or play on the same team as Alessio in a 5v5 match

Final Thoughts

The newly launched event is very well-planned and full of mind-blowing ideas from the developers. Once the player gets to know about the hero’s backstory and can relate to it, it will be more engaging to use. Not only that but during the mission, you will feel that you are playing an open-world MMORPG. Graphics, storyline, new player skills, and execution are all done perfectly.

Level Infinite and Timi Studios have shown what they can do apart from launching a hero in a simple way. But remember the hero event is live from 19/4/2023 to 28/4/2023 and the avatar border event is live from 20/4/2023 to 29/4/2023. So do not miss it, because later you will need to buy Alessio with gold when you can get it now for free while experiencing some incredible animations!

What are your thoughts on the Honor of Kings Captain Red Hawk Event? Let us know in the comment section below.

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