Honor of Kings: TiMi Studios’ mobile MOBA crosses 100 million active users

New achievement unlocked!

Honor of Kings is a mobile MOBA developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games for the iOS and Android users in the Chinese market. At its five-year anniversary, Honor of Kings has crossed 100 million daily active users. Timi Studio’s constant effort put into Honor of Kings can be seen from the development of their game and events. Notably, their music track Evolve that came out in July 2020 was a part of this. We can only hope that they put more effort into their international version of Honor of Kings – Arena of Valor.

Yijia Zhang mentioned about the next level of Honor of Kings

There is a possibility of Honor of Kings going global in the foreseeable future. Yijia Zhang, the chairman of King Pro League, which is the Honor of Kings league, mentions that he hopes to take Honor of Kings to the next level.

Honor of kings 100 million active users

This definitely hints at Honor of King’s entry into the foreign market. Moreover, the Honor of Kings’ professional scene has already taken flight in countries outside of China. The Korean King Pro League has been set up. Furthermore, the league has evolved into the King Pro League Global Tour. This heavily implies that the game will likely be released globally and even have global tournaments.

What does the HOK 5th anniversary bring to the players?

In Honor of Kings and Arena of Valor, their anniversaries usually mean large changes such as map changes, version updates, major hero balance changes. On the 5th anniversary of this premier mobile MOBA, we can expect a global release of Honor of Kings from the developers TiMi Studios.

Upon the 5th Anniversary of Honor of KingsTimi Studios has released concept videos for two new upcoming spin-off games of Honor of Kings. These are the spinoff game that integrates Honor of King champions and their abilities into the game. Moreover, it capitalizes on the Honor of King’s success. 

What is your opinion as Honor of Kings crosses 100 million active users? Let us know in the comments section below!

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