Honor of Kings introduced a New Credit Score system to restrict toxic players from using social functions

Tencent creating a more safe space for gamers!

Tencent Games Credit has made an announcement on Thursday, in which they have stated that Honor of Kings has officially instantiated a new credit score system on the platform. From now on, players with a credit score of anything lower than 100 points will not be able to use features such as the speaking and social functions in the game. This system will help in limiting the amount of toxicity, which is taking place in online games, putting players in check.

The new Credit Score system can now intercept accounts with malicious intent beforehand

The company’s WeChat account has stated that the new regulation will measure the player’s credit rating, assessing the player’s account information like daily activity, game assets, security contribution, and punishments for cheating. Then it calculates a comprehensive score for the player’s game credit level. The higher the score, the better the player’s game credit.

According to the announcement, the previous system had made more of a reaction to the posts, after they had been already been made. There was no way to fix it beforehand, but this current system will be more pre-emptive. Players will be continuously verified to ensure quality control. The credit threshold of Tencent Games was launched in key categories, namely for chats, mentoring, and game startups.

honor of kings, Honor of Kings credit score system
Battles in Honor of Kings (Image via Tencent Games)

This new system will also be able to intercept accounts that have already been flagged. This will be done, so as to cut off any problems of draining malicious information such as advertisements, pornography, and fraud while eliminating the influence of malicious users on the platform as well.

Final Thoughts

We all know how toxicity in the online gaming community ruins the gaming experience for everyone. Some people just fail to play fairly and have a good time with friends. This step is a very good measure, as this will maintain a healthy and peaceful environment in-game, free from users with malicious intent in the game. This will make the game a safer place for everyone to play.

What are your thoughts on the new credit score system introduced in Honor of Kings? Let us know in the comment section below!

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