Arena of Valor: How to get Wukong Ramen Man skin for free

Get your hands on the free Ramen Man skin!

Wukong from Arena of Valor has received his latest skin- Ramen Man. The skin comes with fun and colourful graphics such that you would expect it to be a skin you need to pay for. Well, this is partially correct. The skin’s system is similar to that of Cybercore Nakroth’s as you will need to “evolve” the skin multiple times to gain all its features and special effects. If you’re a free-to-play player, it is most likely that you won’t get all the special effects of the Ramen skin. Nevertheless, you still have a chance of obtaining the Ramen Man’s base version, which is essentially the Ramen Man skin without any special effects. All you need to do is to finish the tasks in Arena of Valor’s latest events and you’ll be all set in receiving your free skin.

Complete all levels in The Wukong Adventure!

The event puts you in the shoes of Ramen Man Wukong, as you travel around the neighborhood, meeting thugs at every turn. At first, you will lose to the said thugs, but as you complete the daily missions provided to you such as logging in and completing one 5v5 game, you will gain experience points that can be used to level up Ramen Man Wukong’s abilities. These are pretty simple tasks, which you’ll most likely do if you even have some interest in the game. By completing these simple missions, so that you have a better chance of beating those thugs. After beating up a total of 6 thugs, you will receive your reward of base-level Ramen Man Wukong.

Arena of Valor Wukong Ramen Man
Complete the daily missions to get your hands on the free Ramen Man Wukong!

The event’s missions are quite simple and since it is a skin that they are giving away, this event is a golden opportunity for Wukong players or even any player to get free skin. When looking back at the number of skins that require cash to obtain, free-to-play players need to seize this opportunity and grab the few free skins that remain in the game.

Are you excited about the opportunity to grab a free Ramen Man, Wukong in the Wukong Adventure event of Arena of Valor? Let us know in the comment section below!

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