How mobile specs affected the gaming experience for the gamers and opportunity for developers in 2021

Developers are pushing out better gaming experiences for better devices

New research by Newzoo has shown some very interesting findings. Anyone who has played resource-intensive games like Genshin Impact, Call of Duty Mobile, or other recent games would know just how those games can hog up a lot of resources. And it seems like developers and publishers are moving from catering exclusively to lower spec devices (like PUBG Mobile Lite and Free Fire, which run on budget devices) to creating games with a lot of content and good-looking graphics that provide a better experience at the cost of storage and RAM. In this article, we will discuss on Newzoo’s findings and how actually mobile specs affected the gaming industry even in 2021.

Developers and Publishers are coming out with heavier games for better devices

Some examples are games like Free Fire Max and PUBG New State. They’re not necessarily different from their predecessors in terms of the gameplay style but they do look a lot different and better albeit with a higher processor, storage, and RAM requirements.

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of those games that keep getting more and more bloated with every update (although the developers are still trying to fix that and make the game playable for low spec devices).

Newzoo mobile specs gaming
Image via Newzoo

Research done by Newzoo in India has shown that as the requirements go up, the reach of games also decreases. 98% of the gamer population has 1 GB of RAM that could run Free Fire, 92% have at least 2 GB of RAM that can run Free Fire Max, 73%  have 3 GB of RAM and just 53% have at least 4 GB ram, which is quite a low amount compared to those who have a minimum of 1 GB of RAM.

Developers will continue to release games with low mobile specs gaming requirements

Now as AAA games come over to mobile and native mobile games also get better in terms of graphics, it isn’t surprising that requirements are increasing. And it’s fair since the same goes for something like PC or Console gaming. That being said, people working on mobile games aren’t going to give up on low spec devices while catering to better devices as the former constitutes a big part of people into mobile gaming.

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