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Garena Free Fire MAX review: Same old Free Fire but with a massive visual overhaul

Experience a premium Battle Royale gameplay

By now no one needs an introduction to Garena Free Fire. Free Fire is a battle royale game developed by the folks behind games like Ring of Elysium, Call of Duty Mobile. Free Fire Max is the visual overhaul of the title Free Fire. Known for its fast-paced battle royale and characters, Free Fire Max aims at updating the game visually. One of the biggest complaints Free Fire had from its inception was the graphics quality which has been addressed in Free Fire Max. Here in this article, we will review Free Fire Max and share our first impressions of the game.

Starting off with the review, with Firelink, players can log in to their existing Free Fire account to play Free Fire MAX without any hassle. Players can now progress and items are maintained across both applications in real-time. Players can play all game modes with both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players together, no matter which application they use. But it must be noted that Free Fire Max is a bigger game compared to Free Fire.

Free Fire Max review

This is because of the visual and graphical improvements in the game. Players will need a high-end device to get the best out of Free Fire Max. The game occupies a lot more space than Free Fire. This is a little disappointing for the players with low-end devices. Free Fire was one of the games that worked really well even on Low-end devices. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Free Fire Max.

Experience a revamped Bermuda with improved HD textures

Free Fire Max mainly aims to bring better visuals. It perfectly delivers that. All the textures look much better compared to Free Fire. This improvement brings a new look into the game. Trees, foliage, buildings, and obstacles have got a texture update. The update does not take it far from the original Free Fire so the game still feels the same. Shadows have also improved. The shadows of buildings are much cleaner now and the player’s shadows look good even when the player is on the move. There have been visual effects changes to the game’s safe zone barrier.

Free Fire Max Map

The safe zone barrier gets a cool lightning effect which makes it easier to locate from a far distance. The river on the Bermuda Remastered map has also gotten a visual change which looks stunning. This option by default has been enabled but if the players want they head over to settings and revert back to the old Free Fire textures and visual effects. Free Fire Max also gets its own exclusive map, Bermuda Max. It is a 4v4 team deathmatch that takes place in the Bermuda cloaktower. The map has updated graphics and buildings.

Create custom maps with Craftland and a brand new 360 degree lobby

Players can now create their very own clash squad map using craftland. In this map builder players can choose different objects, buildings, structures, and decorations to create their own map. There is a limited area in which players can build and publish their maps. Unfortunately, maps can only be created by Free Fire Max players through Free Fire players can join craftland maps created by other players.

Free Fire Max review

But there is a big catch. Players need a special card in order to play just like the custom rooms. Players have to cash out some real money in order to play. For a one-match craftland room card it costs 100 Diamonds( in-game currency). This is a huge disappointment since there is no other way to earn craftland cards for free. The game now has a brand new 360-degree lobby.

As the name suggests the lobby can be rotated 360 degrees which show different items. Firstly there is a weapon display in which players can attach their weapon skins. There is also a vehicle display that can showcase their vehicles’ skins. Players can also see their Ranks as well which are displayed like a hologram statue.

By rotating, players can also access their surfboard skins showcase and gloo wall skin showcase as well. If players don’t have any skin a random skin will be displayed in that place. Unfortunately during matchmaking with other players, the game is reverted back to the old Free Fire lobby. Players cannot view their 360-degree lobby. There is also no way to see other players in a 360-degree lobby.

Fast-paced improved gameplay and comes with slick animations

Along with visual improvements, there are also several gameplay and animation tweaks. They have added a tracer effect of bullets and effects for bullets hitting different surfaces. This adds a touch of realism to the weapons. Some weapons have also got improved reloading animation. The only thing that felt like missing was a bit of recoil. Recoil would have even enhanced the realism that they were trying to achieve.

Free Fire Max review

They have also added improved sound effects for reloading and firing of guns. They have also added visual effects of some melee weapons. Brand new vehicle sounds have been added as well. Vehicles now sound more realistic than before. There are some visual improvements as well to vehicles. The vehicles now leave dust trails and tire marks.

Final Verdict

Free Fire is the go-to Battle Royale game for low-end devices. Free Fire Max requires more storage and a good device to play. The game is definitely an improvement over Free Fire. This update will satisfy the existing Free Fire player base. Any player with a good device should switch to Free Fire Max. Players can revert back to the old Free Fire experience if they are not satisfied with the new tweaks.

But the game doesn’t bring anything new to the battle royale genre except improved visuals and animations for new players. Craftland is also unique to Free Fire but players need to spend real money in order to play with other players. The game is still overflowing with microtransactions. If a player can shell out real money into the game they can have a competitive advantage over other players making it a pay-to-win type game.

Certain weapons skins that can only be bought through real money improve the weapon stats from its core stats which is unfair to the free-to-play players. Even with new firing sounds, reloading animations and bullets marks weapons lack recoil. Other popular battle royale titles have recoil as their core aspect of the game. Garena should focus on adding recoil and try to reduce the pay-to-win aspect of the game so that it can be a compelling alternative to the other popular titles.

What are your opinions on the Free Fire Max game and your review of it? Do let us know in the comments!

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