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How to Become an official PUBG Mobile Beta Tester

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale game developed by Tencent. The game has never stopped growing ever since it was launched. Players Unknown Battle Ground Mobile was also selected as the best competitive game for google play users choice awards in 2019. Before any official release of the game updates, the changes are tested on the alpha and the Beta mode. Recently, PUBG Mobile Team has opened up applications for becoming an official PUBG Mobile Beta Tester. Therefore, let us look upon the process for application as well as the benefits of becoming an official Beta tester.

About PUBG Mobile Beta Testing

PUBG Mobile is one of the most competitive games on mobile devices. The game has a very huge player base. The PUBG Mobile team are always working to make the game trending in the competitive market. Thus, there are many updates that are rolled out in the game from time to time. But, before releasing those changes officially, the game is tested on alpha and beta mode. The beta tests are done by the players all around the world.

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Recently, PUBG Mobile Team has opened up forms to become the official Beta tester for the game. Therefore we know that the development team is looking for Beta testers. Here’s what came from the official PUBG Mobile Twitter account,

How to become a beta tester in PUBG Mobile

To become the official Beta tester of PUBG Mobile, players can apply through 2 links: Twitter and Reddit.

Apply from Twitter Link

Apply from Reddit Link

All that players need to do is, open the link and fill in the required details. It asks you about your age, your details about the game and your statistics in the game. The process is simple. Thus, every player can try to become the official PUBG Mobile Beta Tester.

Benefits of Becoming an official Beta tester of PUBG Mobile

  1. Get a chance to learn about the new technologies (Before anyone else)
  2. Contribute towards the quality of content that PUBG Mobile has to provide.
  3. Provide feedback and suggestions to the official team which will be taken into consideration and changes will be made accordingly.
  4. Get a chance to enhance your personal knowledge along with experiencing the new content of the game every time before its official release.
  5. Build a network with other testers who will test the game updates.
  6. Become a part of the exclusive community of testers.
  7. Testers who provide relevant and solid feedback may receive gift cards at the end of the testing sessions.
  8. Be the first one to experience the new content.

Players may like to consider the opportunity and apply for becoming the PUBG Mobile Beta Tester because there are many benefits for the same.

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What are your thoughts on becoming a Beta tester? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if this article helped you, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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