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HoYoverse is taking action against Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks

HoYoverse is getting more serious about leaks!

Several Genshin Impact leakers have faced consequences for sharing details about the extensive Fontaine leaks, as HoYoverse has become increasingly strict towards leakers in recent times. Given the significant amount of leaked information encompassing multiple updates, it was expected that trouble would arise.

Although the artwork reveals generated excitement among fans, there are individuals who are beginning to experience the repercussions of these recent events. As a result of the publisher’s actions, other prominent leakers in the Genshin Impact community have either ceased or temporarily halted their leaking activities.

In an official conversation with GamingonPhone, a Genshin Impact spokesperson said, “Information leakages and all forms of illegal data theft have caused serious harm to our developers and have spoiled the in-game experience for players who would like to see the new content for themselves. We have been working with security and legal experts around the world, and we will continue to pursue the legal responsibility of individuals and organizations on a long-term basis.”

Genshin Impact leakers are facing consequences due to the leaked information about the Fontaine characters

HoYoverse, the official entity behind Genshin Impact, has issued an official statement addressing the extensive data leaks that occurred prior to the highly anticipated major update for the Fontaine Characters and Region in the future version 4.0 release.

HoYoverse has addressed the recent mega-leak and expressed concern over how leaks and private servers can negatively impact its legal rights and interests. The company has stated its intention to take legal action against those responsible for the leaks. With a zero-tolerance attitude towards such activities, HoYoverse’s message has been communicated in multiple languages.

Several opinions have also been going around regarding this recent announcement from HoYoverse, some are saying that leaks will not be required if they produce a given roadmap regarding the plans for the future.

This has also received several backlashes and different opinions from other players because some are saying that leaking a piece of very specific information is just not right. Some are saying that other games having roadmaps are still having issues regarding data leaks. It is recommended that HoYoverse should tighten its data security to avoid these kinds of issues in the future.

Genshin Impact leakers announcing to stop leaking activities

Some well-known Genshin Impact leakers specifically the persons that provided a bunch of information for the Fontaine Patch have announced to cease their leaking activities temporarily. This is mainly due to the announcement from HoYoverse to take action on the recent major leaks.

One of these leakers is known as @SteambirdLeaks, who just got his account DMCA’d by the game developer. This individual was known for sharing numerous leaks, including those related to HoYoverse’s upcoming game update. Several other leakers, such as Ubatcha and Vississ, have been previously subpoenaed during past Version Updates.

These leakers have announced their temporary withdrawal from Genshin Impact leaks, as indicated in the tweet above. In response to recent developments, one of their accounts (@vississ_sus) has already been deleted. Concerns over safety may be a contributing factor to several leakers refraining from sharing upcoming patch information. HoYoverse’s more assertive approach in dealing with DMCAs and subpoenas is evident, as highlighted in the referenced tweet.

Despite this incident, some leakers are still not afraid to provide further information in the future regarding the contents of the game. Despite HoYoverse’s increased assertiveness, these leakers remain undeterred and intend to continue sharing Genshin Impact information. It’s worth noting for players to stay vigilant and observe any future developments.

It is important to be aware that some backup copies of these leaks have been removed due to copyright issues. Those considering reposting them should understand the potential risk of receiving a DMCA notice.

What are your thoughts about HoYoverse taking action against Genshin Impact Fontaine leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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