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Four Genshin Impact leakers targeted with new sets of DMCAs by Cognosphere

More leakers targeted as HoYoverse sets to wipe them out.

Just after a month after the popular Genshin Impact leaker Ubatcha faced legal issues after becoming the target of Cognosphere for his leaks, the publisher of HoYoverse’s popular RPG, four more leakers are now facing the heat. According to TorrentFreak, in a new set of DMCAs sent out by Cognosphere which targeted the Genshin Impact leakers, three users of the ‘House of Daena‘ Discord channel are among the addressed.

Genshin Impact leakers facing the heat as Cognosphere files DMCAs

A total of four Genshin Impact DMCAs were filed on behalf of Cognosphere to prevent further infringement and breach of copyright by leakers. These are notorious for leaking Genshin Impact content to the public in advance of the company’s schedule. These applications were filed on January 12 at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California (San Francisco Division).

Out of four DMCA subpoena applications, three are targeted toward the users in the House of Daena discord server. The three users were LJ.#8200, M9G#365 and rice cooker#9289. One complaint was sent to user Linxian#0001 of the Genshin Impact Leakers’ Group Discord channel.

DMCA subpoena to leakers Genshin Impact
Image via TorrentFreak

Cognopshere is asking for the identities of the four Genshin Impact leakers, which include names, addresses, phone numbers, E-mail, and IP addresses along with other personal information. This was the same in the Ubatcha case.

It was about time to put a hold on the leaks

More information on the targeted leakers reveal that the House of Daena server has been shut down after receiving the subpoena. While multiple users claimed that the Discord server has been banned because of its illicit activities, it was actually deleted by the mods following the notice. The discord server had nearly 24,000 members before its inactivity and was a constant source for leaks of Genshin Impact.

House of Daena discord server deleted
Image via TorrentFreak

This was about time to hit a notice from the makers as the leakers went too far. The leakers were quick enough to leak the information about two new characters including Archon, prior to the upcoming Fontaine leaks. Most of the leakers would go to lengths to leak about stuff even if the makers are not sure yet, which over time, irked them.

In the past HoYoverse (then MiHoYo) sued Bilibili (a video hosting and streaming site for anime, comics, and games) as many of the game’s future updates and leaks were being posted on the platform. That was supposed to be the alert, but many including Ubatcha ignored it.

These leaks might be informative and can get the players’ interest growing. But at the same time causes confusion about the events/releases and from the publisher’s point of view, a lot of things go awry on their schedule. Now with the recent actions from the makers, it might not stop the leaks but it would definitely worry the ones who plan to sketch a new leak idea.

What are your thoughts on the Genshin Impact leakers targeted? Let us know in the comments below!

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