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Identity V brings its Chinese New Year update with lots of exciting updates

The tide conveys distant thoughts, and the night buries false lies!

NetEase’s first 1V4 Asymmetrical Battle mobile game, Identity V, will feature exciting updates in the Chinese New Year version with new characters, new season’s essences, new activities, the first Work of Vanity’s Costume, and more.

Also, the Spring Festival event will start on January 22. Players could win the permanent unlocking card for A costume, themed costumes, accessories, portrait frame, standby motion, and so on.

Identity V Chinese New Year Version Updates

Weeping Clown:My Missing Part is Their Laughing Stock

The Weeping Clown was perhaps a natural-born money tree, as his parents suggested, with a sad face and a missing right leg. Tolerance and playing dumb were his only options for making himself feel needed.

Following the arrival of Survivor – Novelist and Regulator Nightmare” a new member has joined the Identity system in the Identity V updates. What’s the connection between Weeping Clown from Survivor and Clown from Regulator? What happened to the Joker that caused him to change so drastically? All of the unknown awaits players’ entry at the manor to be explored.

Weeping Clown is equipped with a Rocket that can propel him forward at the expense of agility during the dash. If he comes across other Survivors while dashing, he can help them move forward. The unmanned rocket will explode in scenes or when it collides with regulators, giving survivors in the range a 2-second boost and a 30 percent increase in movement speed.

The range’s regulators will be subjected to a 2-second shock with a 50% reduction in movement speed. The attack will be 2-second dizziness when regulators are near the explosion center. Weeping Clown is clumsy and inept when it comes to machines. The decoding speed has been slowed by 10%.

The Wishes From the Ocean:Send Away the Yearning

Residents who remained on the wealthy island pinned their thoughts on the never-ending waves after a long separation. They placed the paper letter in a bottle and prayed to the sea’s mother, their distant relatives, or the god of the tide, hoping that the night tide would bring this yearning to their loved ones.

Season 19 essence 3 will be released on January 20th, with a slew of new costumes, including “Weeping Clown” S Costume -Swallow of Deception, The Dream Witch A Custom – Paper Queen, and “Little Girl” A Costume – Aging. Can the receiver find the message in a bottle that arrived with the wave and decipher the sealed thoughts?

Along with the Wave: Dancing Music of the Tide

If the night is dark, add stars to it; if the sea is quiet, let the waves awaken it. The “Red Lady”-the Night Tide walked slowly out of the white bubble, the deep night sky is woven her bright black veil, sparkling is her swaying skirt, her elegant figure brought the dance music of the waves to this endless sea.

Identity Ⅴ update
Image via NetEase

On January 20th, the S costume of Bloody Queen package, which includes Bloody Queen S costume- the Night Tide, Bloody Queen S costume- the Night Tide, and Bloody Queen S costume- the Night Tide, will be released. Dance with the waves as an accessory. Why don’t you join her in dancing with the tide playing music and the moons shining above you?

The Dispersing Ephemeral: Doubts at the New year’s Eve banquet

The folk art troupe came to Chinatown just in time for the Spring Festival to perform a wonderful performance of Chinese shadow puppetry at the New Year’s Eve banquet. However, just before the show started, the most important puppetry vanished. Who stole it, and why? On January 22, the Spring Festival will begin. The permanent unlocking card for A costume, themed costumes, accessories, portrait frame, standby motion, and other items could be won by players.

Identity V Preistess
Image via NetEase

Celebrate Spring Festival by cracking the case together in the Identity V updates. On February 1st, the “Priestess” S costume- Ephemeral will be available for purchase online. Her graceful posture, flowing skirt, and flying gauze appear to have traveled through time. She begins by tipping her toes, barefoot, transferring you back in time thousands of years.

Lost in Illusion: Meet the Work of the Vanities

On January 27th, meet the first costume of Work of the Vanity, Perfumer- Mnemosyne’s Dream. When she is in good health, she can attract butterflies and streamers, which she can transform into amazing hair accessories and skirts; when she is injured, the butterfly and streamer disperse, and she changes into a look that is more practical for action.

Identity Ⅴ update Perfumer
Image via NetEase

She’ll also have other stunning effects like exclusive CG, an exclusive waiting room show, an exclusive costume icon, and so on. These of the special play Lost in Illusion is available for those who are interested. The Chinese New Year Version of Identity VNetEase’s first 1V4 Asymmetrical Battle mobile game is on its way with massive updates. Log on to the Manor and accept the challenge of fate!

Are you excited about the Identity V version updates featuring the Chinese New Year? Let us know in the comments below!

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