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Identity V x Danganronpa collaboration brings in-game events to earn exclusive costumes, icons, and more

Truths Hidden Behind Lies!

Players are encouraged to set free their imagination, enhance cognitive capabilities, and equip themselves with various theories to reveal concealed realities veiled amidst deception. Once again, the Danganronpa phenomenon emerges in full force. The third collaboration event connecting NetEase Games‘ original one vs. four asymmetrical mobile games, Identity V, with the well-known mystery adventure series, Danganronpa, is now live. The stern challenge presented by the headmaster, Monokuma, will elevate the level of intensity within the manor.

Monokuma’s manor game begins in Identity V x Danganronpa collaboration

In the collaborative event known as Monokuma’s Manor Game, the enigmatic stuffed bear, Monokuma, who proclaims to be the headmaster of a school, along with his offspring, the Monokumers, arrive at Oletus Manor, initiating a new school semester filled with deception and heartlessness. Once again, a group of talented Ultimate students gathers to put an end to the killing games and safeguard their loved ones. Their mission is to unravel the concealed truths entangled within a tense and thrilling escape-filled drama.

The third crossover (Danganronpa V3) between Identity V and Danganronpa is set to take place from August 3 to August 31, 2023. Participants who complete the collaborative event, Monokuma’s Manor Game, will have the opportunity to acquire remarkable rewards, including the [Prisoner] SSR Costume – Rantaro Amami.

Moreover, exclusive items like the collaboration treasure chest, Danganronpa – The Essence of Collaboration, the Reporter UR Costume – Kaeda Akamatsu, Novelist SSR Costume – Shuichi Saihara, Toy Maker SSR Costume – Miu Iruma, Acrobat SSR Costume – Kokichi Oma, and various other crossover-limited icons will be made available simultaneously.

Get your favorite Danganronpa Costumes in the Identity V collaboration event

The quintessential crossover editions of Identity V and Danganronpa, namely edition one and edition two, are set to be reissued. Players have the opportunity to obtain various items from the first crossover, Danganronpa, such as exclusive costumes like the Guard No. 26 UR Costume – Monokuma, Lucky Child SSR Costume – Makoto Naegi, Air Force SSR Costume – Kyoko Kirigiri, and Barmaid SSR Costume – Junko Enoshima. Additionally, limited icons and graffiti related to the crossover are also available for acquisition.

Identity V klamatsu
Image via NetEase

From the second crossover, Danganronpa 2, players can acquire coveted items like the Prospector UR Costume – Hajime Hinata, Mercenary SSR Costume – Nagito Komaeda, Mechanical Engineer SSR Costume – Chiaki Nanami, and Doctor SSR Costume – Mikan Tsumiki, along with exclusive crossover-limited icons and graffiti. It’s worth noting that the reissued models for both the first and second editions maintain the same cumulative probability and acquisition guarantee count as their respective original editions.

Additionally, crossover items [Pet] Momomi, [Portable Item] Mechanical EngineerUsami’s Magic Stick, and UR [Portable Item] Mono Mono Machine will be reissued and sold at the store. The Momo Momo Machine can be leveled up in quality to SSR, UR, and even to Flawed Masterpiece (LR) by consuming echoes, and special effects are added according to the quality.

Identity V and Danganronpa collaboration event introduces new characters

As a new semester dawns, a thrilling and suspenseful escapade awaits. The Ultimate students, each possessing their unique abilities and having ventured into the manor, will face the challenge of winning debates and overcoming the various difficulties and obstacles that lie ahead.

Identity V x Danganronpa collaboration ultimate students
Image via NetEase
  • Ultimate Pianist, Kaede Akamatsu: A bright and optimistic girl, she never gives in to the evil forces of Monokuma and tirelessly encourages other students while sparing no effort to achieve her goals.
  • Ultimate Detective, Shuichi Saihara: He is a young detective apprentice lacking self-confidence. Though modest and timid, he naturally possesses a certain level of decisiveness and insight. 
  • Ultimate Inventor, Miu Iruma: She is a genius inventor who has created many strange inventions with the goal of finding ways to live comfortably while staying in bed.
  • Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma: He calls himself the Supreme Leader of an Evil Organization, has an elusive personality, and is skilled at lying and pretending to cry. 

Rantaro Amami is the only student whose “Ultimate” ability has not been revealed. Despite his frivolous appearance, he possesses a calm mind and excellent insight. A “prisoner” of the manor also suffered brain damage, but his talents were not lost even with amnesia.

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