Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023 Event: Atmospheric Environment Cylinder, Southern Cross Ecological Park and more

The grand festival of the planet is here!

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023 event has arrived! The festivities will start on April 19th for the oldest festival in the Lagrangian galaxy. Players can join the spectacular celebration featuring Earth Day traditions and surprises as well as a new Fighter blueprint, available to all Pioneers. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to immerse yourself in the intense festive atmosphere of space and further your space explorations!

Infinite Lagrange brings exciting new activities and in-game content with Earth Day 2023 event

The Pioneers’ connection to Earth endures despite the difficulties and changes they encountered. Every year, a variety of organizations and enthusiasts join together to commemorate Earth Day. They highlight the rich and varied cultures of the planet in remembrance of this connection. Every year, individuals from all around the galaxy plan events to show their affection for the motherland of all humanity.

With a variety of thrilling new events and in-game content that will motivate Pioneers everywhere, “Infinite Lagrange” joins the celebration this year.

Listen to the Warp Bells and win limited Badges

Pioneers will have a unique opportunity to participate in the Earth Day custom of “Warp Bells Listening” every evening from April 21 to April 23 between 20:00 and 22:00. The LUCA Movement, which honors “the homology of life,” will feature at this year’s festival. Pioneers can experience the beginning and evolution of life by listening to the [LUCA Movement]. The standard Ecological Guardian Badge will also be given to Pioneers who visit the Warp Bells event page for the first time. Those that go to the Tower of Stellaris to hear the warp bells ring can also take part in the [Bell Blessings] lottery event. As the bell rings, winners will be announced.

Additionally, each winner is allowed to invite four friends to sign up as Ecological Guardians with them. Up to 10,000 limited design badges with a tree sapling code and special features are up for grabs. Each friend will then receive a unique design badge. We anticipate that Pioneers will take an active part in the commemoration of Earth Day this year.

Pioneers of the infinite Lagrange can now take part in the “Ten Thousand Saplings Joint Guardianship Plan” if they have the limited design badge. The 10,000 public welfare seedlings planted in the Alashan region on Earth Day last year are the focus of this initiative’s protection and reclamation efforts. You can quickly enter your sapling code or character ID on the dedicated page using interactive features, attesting to your substantial contribution to enhancing the ecology of the planet.

Gain points and prestige for collective decision making

An exciting new tree-planting activity called “Southern Cross Ecological Park” will begin on April 19 and run until April 26. The emphasis of this event is on Pioneers from all servers cooperating to advance afforestation activities through collective involvement and decision-making. The weather patterns of the Southern Cross Ecological Park will be heavily influenced by each pioneer’s decisions.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023
Image via NetEase

This will directly affect the survival and development of its plants. In light of this, Pioneers will have to adopt the role of devoted gardeners by taking care of their planted trees. They can move them as necessary in response to environmental changes. Eventually, harvesting them for Ecological Points and Org Prestige Points.

Develop your own Environment Cylinder and redeem exciting rewards

From April 26 to April 29, Pioneers can participate in the “Environment Cylinder” activity, which promises to be another exciting event! Members of the organization can assist one another in caring for and maintaining their plants while marveling at the amazing surprises that arise during the growth process. During this time, pioneers who are rewarded for their efforts will get twice as many ecological points. As they say, “You reap what you sow,” players can redeem these points for gorgeous decorations, badges, and other priceless stuff at the points store.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023
Image via NetEase

After the Earth Day event, the Environment Cylinder will remain an ongoing event within the Lagrangian galaxy to further encourage ecological awareness. The chance for pioneers to take part in activities at the Organizational Headquarters and contribute to the planting of saplings following seasonal cycles is ongoing.

Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023 to feature its latest blueprint development achievement, the “AT021” Fighter

The “AT021 Fighter, the Dawn Accord’s most recent accomplishment in the production of a blueprint, will be unveiled during the next Earth Day celebration.

Three different models of the AT021 are available, each with its characteristics and abilities. The AT021 Pulse Attacker, the initial variation model, has a single barrel large caliber pulse machine gun that makes it extremely effective against small and medium-sized targets. The AT021 Tactical Attacker, the second one, has an information interference feature that can momentarily lower the target’s weapon system’s hit rate. The Precision Hit System and Small Missile Launcher Nest are added to the AT021 – Heavy Attacker’s core system, which can now precisely hit the systems of huge ships. It also has airborne anti-ship missiles for direct combat against huge ships.

The “AT021” will give full firepower support to the Pioneers with exceptional performance, enhancing their fleet composition and tactical options as the first all-new Fighter in Infinite Lagrange to have three variant types.

Starting with Earth, seek eternal in the stars. This year’s Earth Day celebration in Infinite Lagrange will be vibrant and colorful. It’ll feature a wide range of themed-activities, fantastic benefits, and a distinctive festive mood that will leave players wanting more. Furthermore, all Pioneers will benefit immensely from the assistance of our brand-new Fighters when they embark on their galactic exploration mission.

Join the unforgettable celebration on April 19th. Infinite Lagrange invites all Pioneers to gather in the magnificent Lagrangian galaxy and welcome the arrival of Earth Day together.

Are you excited about the Infinite Lagrange Earth Day 2023 event? Let us know in the comment section below!

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