Infinite Lagrange introduces a new update featuring the Data Rescue Agreement

Explore the New Galaxy and rescue th Experiment Data from danger

Infinite Lagrange a sci-fi grand space simulation game by NetEase Games, is going to receive a major update titled Data Rescue Agreement today. Explorers will be able to sign the Data Rescue Agreement, uncover the new contract galaxy, and unearth valuable assets hidden inside it thanks to entirely new game content.

The galaxies investigated this time were previously abandoned due to stellar storms during the Second Candidate Planet transformation studies targeting the abandoned galaxies. And a lot of the experimental data has been lost permanently in these galaxies. As a result, the consortium’s management has produced a Data Rescue Agreement that includes three things to keep in mind during the data recovery phase.

Infinite Lagrange Data Rescue Agreement update

1. Data Rescue

The planet of experimental data is largely buried in abandoned experimental sites that are also the focus of important research organizations. As a result, after signing the agreement, explorers must dispatch the agreement’s temporary fleets to the buildings in order to gather experimental data and deliver it to the Stargate or to the alliance’s occupied cities for preservation.

Infinite Larnage Data Rescue
Image via NetEase Games

The quantity of experimental data acquired by each alliance will determine the final star rating. Data stored in allied cities will be transported to the Stargate when the system is evaluated, while data transported directly to the Stargate by alliance members will be registered under the alliance name. Furthermore, if the ownership of a city changes, the data stored in the city is lost.

2. Stella Storm

Some stars are still active due to Space Warping Vibration, and the intensity of their radiation varies frequently. Particle flow outbursts occur on occasion, and the radiation area can almost cover the entire galaxy. Frigates and destroyers in the particle flow region, as well as buildings in the jet zone, will be attacked.

Infinite Larnage update warping reverberation
Infinite Lagrange Data Rescue Agreement (Image via NetEase Games)

Planets create a shielding effect, blocking the radiation from stars and forming a safe zone behind them, which is joined by the jet zone. As a result, explorers must seek shelter in the safety zone behind planets before the outbreak.

3. Explore in the Ruins

Infinite Larnage update ruins exploration
Image via NetEase Games

Due to Stella storms, the galaxy has many abandoned cities and war wrecks. Between stellar storms, explorers can go exploring and collect various useful materials. The explorers can collect various types of ruins, but these materials are also guarded by NPCs. Explorers can only obtain those materials if they defeat the NPCs, but they must also be wary of the privateers in their vicinity.

Begin your new exploration journey this month

The majority of the Galactic Factions have been paying close attention to the Warping Reverberation phenomenon up until now. Future research into it, as well as its development, will have a significant impact on the Lagrange Network’s landscape. New galaxies, full of unknown crises, await explorers carrying a variety of valuable materials and data. A perilous but exciting journey of exploration is about to begin.

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