Infinite Lagrange launches its annual Twin Festival 2022 celebration with events and rewards

Communicate and spread Humanism across galaxies!

As we approach the new year, Infinite Lagrange begins its yearly Twin Festival 2022 celebration in earnest on December 21, providing Pioneers with humanistic warmth amid the chilly space in a real universe that was made by countless individuals. The discovery of Proxima, a planet 4 light years away, led to the creation of the Twin Festival. The L001AB Stargate will use all of its logistics capabilities during the festival to allow people to send mail throughout the galaxy.

Twin Logistics is the name of this custom, which has been making its way to remote galaxies. However, during interplanetary conflicts, mail frequently disappears. The staff chose to protect the child from the terrible realities of war after noticing a letter addressed to “Mom.” They made up tales about a mother going on adventures in the M galaxy. It’s the “galactic adventures” version of a beautiful white lie.

This year’s Twin Festival includes a brand-new concept film and a kid’s song that emphasize the cosmic humanism that transcends time and space.

Transcend beyond time and space to connect with friends and earn rewards in Twin Festival 2022

The heartwarming tale of Twin Logistics reveals the thousands of light-years-long humanitarian thread that runs throughout the Lagrange universe. This year’s Twin Festival is introducing a brand-new humanistic interactive gaming that connects and transcends time and space and gives every Pioneer a true sense of the humanistic spirit of the Twin Festival.

Pioneers are now able to communicate with friends in distant galaxies and earn a variety of sign-in prizes. This is all thanks to the establishment of the Earth-Proxima communication channel. Pioneers can now take flawless photos of the fleet using the Fleet Sharing tool. It now offers new filters and stickers and takes part in Twin Image’s imaginative interactive gaming. Players can attach the Proxima Coin and weapon technology to fleet photographs and deliver them as gifts across galaxies.

Infinite Lagrange Twin Festival
Image via NetEase Games

Infinite Lagrange has always been dedicated to communicating humanism. It not only launches rich, heartwarming encounters in the game but also plans events in real life. This is to give people a feeling of the grandeur of the Twin Festival in different cosmic times.

Infinite Lagrange to host offline events with the Twin Post Office event

The Twin Post Office event has now made Twin Logistics a reality. Infinite Lagrange will host offline flashmob events in the downtown areas of Mainland China, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. Participants can create their postcards and mail them to friends and family. Every Pioneer can create theme postcards online and share them.

Infinite Lagrange Twin Festival
Image via NetEase Games

Infinite Lagrange is dedicated to offering special gatherings with a humanistic resonance and a sense of belonging to Pioneers as well as bringing warmth to every nook and cranny of the immense galaxy in the Lagrangian universe that millions of people have created. Infinite Lagrange invites more pioneers to travel via Stargate, participate in the exploration of wide space, and collaborate on the creation of the humanistic sci-fi epic.

Are you excited about the Twin Festival 2022 celebration in Infinite Lagrange? Let us know in the comments below!

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