Infinite Lagrange launches Return Server along with rewards for the returning players

Infinite Lagrange has announced to launch a special return server on April 19th, inviting all former Pioneers to come back and experience the excitement of the game once again. The intrepid Pioneers, whose past efforts have irrevocably changed the galaxy’s history, are responsible for the creation and expansion of the Lagrangian galaxy.

All former Pioneers can now experience the thrill of the game at Infinite Lagrange. Infinite Lagrange has a special reward prepared for individuals who might have missed out on some of the thrilling events and advantages while they were away.

Returning Pioneers need to meet the simple participation conditions and register for the Infinite Lagrange Return Server

The return server is specifically made for our returning Pioneers, as the name implies. Returning Pioneers must comply with the straightforward participation requirements and register within the allotted time frame in order to join.

The recently built return server has been carefully created to assist you in keeping up with the most recent advancements and alterations in the Lagrangian cosmos. To make your return trip as easy as possible, it provides a variety of personalized activities and advantages, enabling Pioneers to regain the thrill of the game.

Returning Pioneers can participate and gain exclusive rewards in the new events in Infinite Lagrange

For returning Pioneers, missing out on fun activities and advantages can be disappointing. In order to make up for it, the “Reconnect with the Lagrangian Galaxy” activity—which consists of the “Lagrange History” event and a brand-new feature called “Galaxy Information”—will be released following this update.

Returning Pioneers can purchase and gain exclusive Tech Files relating to up to three missed events through the “Lagrange History” event, and they receive a 50% discount on their first purchase. Pioneers will have a greater chance of discovering priceless battleship and fighter blueprints when they open the Tech Files they got from these events.

Infinite Lagrange return server
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One exceptional performance is the Heart of Thunderbolt – Integrated Arsenal Ship, which was unveiled during the 2023 Beacon Festival event. It is outfitted with a mobile military integrated system and an ultrahigh energy Ion Cannon from Thunderbolt Group. The Hayreddin Follower Pulsar Fighter, which made its premiere during the 2022 Dawn Celebration, is yet another outstanding illustration.

This fighter features a pulse cannon that can gradually increase damage when attacking the same target repeatedly, a full-area air defense capability, and a 25% dodge rate. This fighter is a must for Pioneers because of its wide range of features.

Infinite Lagrange return server
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A brand-new feature called “Galaxy Information” gives returning Pioneers quick access to information about recent events they may have missed and fresh updates from the previous year. This enables them to quickly learn and acclimatise to the current Lagrangian galactic environment.

For instance, the flagship ability introduced in November 2022 in “Infinite Lagrange” allows Pioneers to greatly increase their tactical options by granting the entire fleet various extra effects or abilities by choosing different ships as their flagship. For Pioneers who satisfy its requirements, the new “Nova Agreement” unveiled this year offers a stable and less competitive environment, enabling them to explore and advance without restriction.

The Infinite Lagrange return server registration will open from April 19th to May 3rd

Infinite Lagrange return server
Image via NetEase

Registration for the “Infinite Lagrange” return server will be open from April 19 until May 3. For the convenience of returning Pioneers, the registration requirements and eligibility requirements have been streamlined. Pioneers who have successfully expanded their base to Area 5 and haven’t signed in for 30 days or longer can register as of April 5. To view your eligible characters, simply click the return activity button on the login screen for the game.

What are your thoughts about the Return Server of Infinite Lagrange? Let us know in the comment section below!

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