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Infinite MagicRaid: DH Games’ upcoming RPG is now available for pre-registration

Infinite MagicRaid is a unique card-based role-playing game that takes you into a realm of high fantasy, brave warriors, and tactical warfare. Prior to the RPG’s official launch on September 7th, 2022, the pre-registration for Infinite Magicraid has been opened on iOS and Android devices.

A variety of pre-registration perks, such as in-game currency and items for character growth, are available. Because Infinite Magicraid is cross-platform, you may use the same account to play on both Android and iOS.

Players will get to create strategic hero pairings to overcome any obstacle

In Infinite Magicraid, you take command of a band of heroes as they travel through a land torn by conflict, managing the complexities of competing groups in your quest to topple a villainous cabal intent on throwing the world into anarchy. As you immerse yourself in each region, you’ll gradually learn more about the world’s mysteries and the driving forces behind each faction.

Infinite Magicraid pre-registration
Infinite Magicraid has opened its pre-registration (Image via DH Games)

With its stunning universe and top-notch 3D models for its heroes, Infinite MagicRaid combines a dynamic mix of 3D and 2D art styles. There are 200 heroes available for recruitment across 10 factions at launch, and more are planned for further updates. Each hero has a unique set of skills and advantages.

The key to winning battles in Infinite MagicRaid is to strategically team up your heroes in a system that’s simple to understand but still allows room for tactical experimentation. There are always battles to win, and every encounter gives you resources to raise your heroes.

Infinite Magicraid pre-registration
Image via DH Games

With event dungeons, rouge-like terrain, and areas made particularly to reward you with gear and cultivation materials, Infinite Magicraid offers a comprehensive PvE experience. You may also test your teambuilding abilities in the PvE scenario, which features guild conflicts and a combat arena.

The pre-registration for Infinite MagicRaid consists of great rewards

You can pre-register for Infinite Magicraid on the Google Play and App Store now. The Pre-registration rewards include:

  • 50,000 Pre-Registrations: 2 Excellent Rune, 1 million Coin 
  • 150,000 Pre-Registrations: 3 Excellent Rune, 2 Premium Hero EXP Potions 
  • 300,000 Pre-Registrations: 5 Excellent Rune, 2 Basic Skill Scrolls 
  • 500,000 Pre-Registrations: 10 Excellent Rune, 2 4-star Dragon Eggs 
  • 800,000 Pre-Registrations: 2 Supreme Rune, 800 Diamonds

Meanwhile, you can keep up with the Magical Turn-Based RPG on Discord, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Are you excited as Infinite MagicRaid is now open for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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