KartRider Rush+ releases Season 19 Block World update and exciting rewards for its 3rd anniversary

Race around the colorful Block World and earn exclusive rewards!

In the Season 19 update of the fast-paced racing game KartRider Rush+ by Nexon, players are urged to accelerate and dive into the lively Block World. This update introduces exciting Block World-themed elements, such as the high-speed Zenith Interlock legendary kart and the newest legendary character, Bazzi of Liberty. Alongside the exhilarating new season, players have the opportunity to collect impressive rewards through various events held in honor of KartRider Rush+’s three-year anniversary.

The Block World update brings karts, racers, and tracks to KartRider Rush+

A multitude of karts, racers, and tracks from Block World are joining the competition. Among them are the renowned Zenith Interlock Kart, the newly introduced character Bazzi of Liberty, and exhilarating tracks like Furnace Frenzy (Block) and Ribbit Resort (Storybook). With numerous additions to the lineup, racers can expect a busy season ahead.

KartRider Rush+ Block World Update
Image via Nexon

The highlight kart for Season 19 mimics a radiant light and offers a choice between two skins, Flare Ranger and Crystal Ranger. Racers can explore both options at the Ranger Center. In Rally mode, players must race as swiftly as possible on specified parts of the track within a limited time frame. Competitors who reach the highest stage will earn thrilling rewards such as the Universal Coupon, Batteries, and the Red Rose Gothic Star Jewel.

KartRider Rush+ celebrates 3rd anniversary with exciting events

In celebration of KartRider Rush+’s third-year milestone, Nexon has organized a range of activities to commemorate the occasion. As part of the festivities, players will be presented with a special item called the “Three-year special coupon,” which includes exclusive content such as the “Golden Gallant Knight,” “Flying Engine,” and “Sweet Tooth Naiad,” a character specially designed for the anniversary.

The coupon will be available for players to obtain starting on Friday, May 12, and will remain valid until Friday, May 26. Moreover, participants who successfully complete quests in ranked races will have the opportunity to collect a valuable item known as the “Three-Year Coin.” This coin can be exchanged for rewards like the “Zenith Interlock” and the “Heart Emoji Headgear,” among other items.

Are you excited about the KartRider Rush+ Season 19 Block World update? Let us know in the comments below!

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