KartRider Rush+: Best karts you should use for Speed Races

The best players need the best karts!

KartRider Rush+ was released as a brand new kart racing game in the KartRider series earlier this year. There are many different modes included in KartRider Rush+, as well as many different karts to choose from. When starting off, it’s hard to figure out which karts are better than other karts. In this guide, we are going to rank every KartRider Rush+ kart, from best to worst. All karts available in KartRider Rush+ have their own unique stats and unique skills or buffs, so we’ll explain their stats which will help you choose the best karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+.

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

Karts are made for either Speed Races or Item Races in KartRider Rush+. Even though you are able to, it is not recommended to use an Item Race kart in Speed Races. Here are the best karts for Speed Races in KartRider rush+.

1. Saber Red

This is arguably one of the best overall-stat vehicles currently available in KartRider Rush+. Because of this, you’ll need to have enough Golden Gear to purchase the Saber Red. Not only does the Saber Red has godly speed and acceleration duration, but also impressive nitro charge speed and curve stats, making turns not too difficult.

2. Atlas

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Atlas shines when it comes to speed and Nitro Charge speed. If you want to quickly zoom down the track, the Atlas can be a perfect choice for you. It also has a classic racing car design, so it’ll fit in nicely when you get onto the track.

3. Dragon Blade

The Dragon Blade has the highest Nitro Charge speed in KartRider Rush+. This will annihilate any straights you come across while on the track. However, this is because it severely lacks in Acceleration Duration, especially for a legendary vehicle. If you’re not able to use Nitro correctly, it will be very hard to reach the first place.

4. Pink Cotton

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

Being a legendary kart, Pink Cotton is one of the most expensive karts in KartRider Rush+. However, using its nitrous correctly, you can push it up to over 300kmph. Even with this intense speed, you’ll still have no problem getting around turns and curves easily. This pink monster of a vehicle will work amazingly in the right hands.

5. Golden Lodi Kafka

The Golden Lodi Kafka will stand out on the track because of its unique golden design. When looking at this kart’s stats, you can see that it has great drifting capabilities. Because of this, it’ll be very hard to obtain this vehicle. You’ll need to get it through the Glory Pass, and then level it up to Level 120!

6. Specter

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Specter’s specialty is its Curve stat. This kart is amazing at turns and will be able to easily go drift through turns. It also has a nice, convertible design, with a pink touch added onto it. It’s also not too difficult to obtain, and you’ll have a chance at getting it once you reach Player Level 9.

7. Zeno

The Zeno is an extremely difficult vehicle to obtain, as you’ll have to get it through the first round of Silver Gear. This, however, makes it a legendary vehicle. This is a great choice to take on the track because it is very well-rounded. No statistic for the Zeno will substantially outdo another stat, making it a balanced vehicle.

8. Golden Roadhog

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Golden Roadhog has a very unique design, resembling a pig. The Golden Roadhog also has an outstanding acceleration duration, making it perform very well on straights during speed races. Taking this kart onto the track will draw the eyes of other players around you.

9. Sheffer

The Sheffer is a very balanced vehicle. It is also surprisingly affordable considering most of the karts with high stats are impossibly difficult to get. The Sheffer will be great on a huge variety of tracks, and could even be used efficiently in Arcade mode.

10. Venger

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Venger has outstanding stats for a vehicle of Epic rarity and is overall a well-rounded and balanced kart. The Venger also shows off a very futuristic design and will perform amazingly in any speed race you take it into. You’ll have no problem going through turns with the Venger’s high curve and drift stats compared to other speed race vehicles.

11. Solar

The Solar’s futuristic design makes it look like a cooler version of the Storm (which will be mentioned later). The Solar is arguably one of the best karts to use in speed races because of its good acceleration duration. Also, all other stats of this kart are balanced and well-rounded. The Solar is probably one of the best maneuvering karts in KartRider Rush+.

12. Boxster

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Boxster won’t have a hard time getting around turns because of its great Curve stat. This is taking up your speed though because the Boxster has an underwhelming Nitro Charge speed stat. It will be good on some tracks, particularly ones with lots of turns, which is hard to find on Speed races.

13. Saber

You can get the Saber from Saber Packs within KartRider Rush+. This kart’s Drift stat is very underwhelming, but all other stats are great compared to other karts made for speed races. If you’re skillful at turning and don’t mind the low Drift stat, the Saber might be a valuable choice for you.

14. Vulture

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Vulture has great acceleration duration and impressive curve but is severely lacking when it comes to the drift stat. This will lead to making performing drift turns more difficult and challenging. However, the Vulture has great Nitro Charge speed, so you’ll be zooming down the track with its speed.

15. Violet Meteor

You’ll permanently unlock the Violet Meteor in KartRider Rush+ after reaching level 25. So always make sure you’re doing Growth Quests and competing in races. The Violet Meteor is another great and well-balanced vehicle that not only performs great but also looks amazing. The dual turbo accelerators in the back really add to its look and aesthetic.

16. Burst

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

Not only does the Burst kart have an amazing acceleration duration stat. but the kart’s drift and acceleration are great when compared to most Speed Race vehicles. However, this makes sense because of how difficult it is to obtain this kart. You need to own a Glory Pass or S1 Season Pass in order to drive this on the track.

17. Spyder

The Spyder is a popular choice for many players in KartRider Rush+ due to its great performance in straights and amazing, classic design. If you are choosing a kart over design and not much else, this is a great choice and attracts many players with the design. The Spyder, however, is lacking when it comes to drifting and charging the nitro.

18. Lodi Albert

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

Like most other karts, Lodi Albert will perform very well in speed races due to its great acceleration duration stat. The Lodi Albert has a very old-school touch to it and is a great choice if you want to race in a kart that looks like it is from the 1900s. Even though it may look old, don’t let that fool you. This kart can easily win a race with its terrific stats.

19. Lodi November

The Lodi November is the most basic kart in the Lodi series of KartRider Rush+. However, it is still a great kart for its price. Although you can’t afford it permanently, it is possible and may be worth it to purchase it temporarily.

20. Marathon

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Marathon is an iconic kart in KartRider Rush+ and is a popular choice for many different players. This kart has a very impressive acceleration duration, and will perform great on many tracks. Not only is this kart powerful, but it is balanced in all stats, and will work terrifically when used correctly.

21. Panda Buggy

Like most karts made for speed races, the Panda Buggy will perform great in straights. That’s not all as it will also handle well on turns and drifts due to its great Curve stat. Not only is the Panda Buggy a cute and irresistible kart, but it is also powerful and will get you the first place.

22. Solid

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Solid has great acceleration duration, making it perform great in straights. However, the Drift and Nitro speed are not impressive and will make it harder to perform drift turns. The Solid will only be useful in maps with lots of straights, as turns will be challenging due to these low stats, and your speed will be reduced because of the low Nitro speed stat.

23. Terra Blade

Terra Blade is a great vehicle if you want more speed on the track. The high Nitro Charge speed is where this kart really shines, and the stat is higher than it is on most other karts. However, with that comes severe drawbacks in the Drift and Curve stats. Paired with the high speed, the handling of the Terra Blade will make it very difficult to drift through turns.

24. Storm

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Storm is a nice upgrade over the Practice Kart and is another great beginner kart. This low-tier vehicle will perform great when first starting out in Speed Races, and will help you reach the finish line faster. The Storm also looks great, giving off a futuristic feel.

25. Strike

Being a beginner kart, the Strike has surprisingly well acceleration duration, curve, and acceleration stats. However, other stats like the drift stat lacks compared to other vehicles. Not only is this a nice beginner kart, but it also looks nice when it’s on the track. It’s also not too cheap, making this a great option at the start of your KartRider Rush+ career, but nt=ot a permanent option for speed races.

26. Practice Kart

Best Karts for Speed Races in KartRider Rush+

The Practice Kart is the very first vehicle you will use when starting off in KartRider Rush+. Because of this, it’s drift, acceleration, and speed stats are all the lowest of the karts. If you are good at drifting and timing your nitro and turbo, there is still a good chance you will be able to compete at a low level and earn first place, but you’ll want to upgrade your kart as soon as possible.

That’s it from us for today as we discuss the best karts for speed races in KartRider Rush+. Did we miss out on any karts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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