KartRider Rush+ Season 4 update: The popular Kart racing game heads to China theme in the new season

Popular mobile racing game receives new vehicles, tracks and more in latest update

Go-kart engines are revved at the starting line for KartRider Rush+ Season 4. Beginning today, speed freaks can lap the competition with a myriad of stunning karts, clean tracks from the original PC version of the game. Also, there will be riotous events in the game through the free KartRider Rush+ Season 4 update.

KartRider Rush+ Season 4 update

The Season Four CHINA update delivers two new sleek rides. Both rides are geared burn rubber in KartRider Rush+’s action-packed gameplay. The legendary Cyclone Solid vehicle from the notorious Solid series packs a powerful punch but can be taken down with Silver Gear. This vehicle can be bought with K-Coins. Similarly, the Wayward Bazzi rider boasts impressive self-running technology by drifting with minimal effort.

KartRider Rush+ Season 4 update

KartRider Rush+ Season 4 also delivers nostalgic race tracks from the original hit PC version of the racing game’s China theme. Beloved tracks such as Dragon’s Canal and Ice Lantern Road will be opened gradually for players to tear through in their new karts. Similarly, players who complete in-game quests before November 15 will unlock the Lil Wukong code. Thus they can obtain the rare Wukong character. Several accessories, including Pane Glasses and Ink Stroke Decal, will be available later in the month.

Additional Events and Features

In addition to the fresh karts and tracks, KartRider Rush+’s Season 4 introduces several action-packed events and features.


Players can now host their own private races and tournaments. Here up to 500 live spectators can tune in for the event.

Home-Treasure Hunt

Treasures have been hidden around players’ in-game homes, which can be looted in exchanges for various rewards

Boss Fight 

In this upcoming arcade game mode, four players team up to defeat a boss to earn K-Coins, Lucci, and Chest Rewards. Boss Fight mode will be available in December.

That sums up the KartRider Rush+ Season 4 update which you can download both on Android and iOS. Keep checking this space to receive the latest and greatest info about KartRider Rush+.

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