KartRider Rush+: 10 Best karts you should use for Item Races

The best players need the best karts!

KartRider Rush+ was released as a brand new kart racing game in the KartRider series earlier this year. There are many different modes included in KartRider Rush+, as well as many different karts to choose from. When starting off, it’s hard to figure out which karts are better than other karts. In this guide, we are going to rank every KartRider Rush+ kart, from best to worst. All karts available in KartRider Rush+ have their own unique stats and unique skills or buffs, so we’ll explain their stats which will help you choose the best karts for Item Races in KartRider Rush+.

10 Best karts for Item Races in KartRider Rush+

Karts are made for either Speed Races or Item Races in KartRider Rush+. Even though you are able to, it is not recommended to use an Item Race kart in Speed Races or vice versa. Here are the best karts for Item Races in KartRider rush+.

1. Justice

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

The Justice has a very nice, slick design to show off on the track. However, it will be very difficult to get as you need souvenir badges. There are various different abilities that the Justice has that can be very useful in an Item Race. This kart has pretty good stats but lacks in speed compared to many other karts.

2. Unicorn Chariot

The Unicorn Chariot is a pretty rare kart, as you can only drive it if you have Souvenir badges. With this rarity comes great performance, especially with curves and even acceleration and straights too. This kart also gets 100% immunity to mines and banana peels, making it very hard to knock you off your wheels. This is a great kart to use in item races.

3. Kitty Cruiser

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

If you want a legendary kart for item races but don’t have any Souvenir badges, the Kitty Cruiser is a great choice, as it can be bought in the Chrono shop. It’s a great well-rounded vehicle that isn’t too strong or too weak in any aspect. Overall, it’s a powerful choice to take out onto the track and beat the competition.

4. Lunar Blade

The Lunar Blade is amazingly fast for an item race, with outstanding Nitro Charge speed and Acceleration duration. You’ll speed through the competition with this kart, and will have no trouble reaching first place. As long as you are able to expertly manoeuvre the turns and curves, that is very much possible.

5. Mari-Go-Round

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

The Mari-Go-Round has the ability to earn 100% nitro by the time that it gets hit by a Waterbomb or Magnet. This allows you to get an easy getaway after being hit by something. It’s also affordable, unlike many of the karts used for item races. The Mari-Go-Round also has an eye-catching appearance and design.

6. Rudolf

The Rudolf has outstanding acceleration duration for an item race kart and will perform amazingly in straights when on the track. It also takes the Banana split’s special ability, blocking any and all enemy banana peels that it comes across. Inspired by the iconic reindeer, Rudolf is a great choice and can be seen as an improved Banana split.

7. Skelemech

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

The Skelemech is a kart that will perform well in curves and turns, and might even be able to obtain Golden missiles. If you play the Story Mode, you’ll find out that the Skelemech is the kart of the villain, Lodumani. You might be able to get the Skelemech temporarily and take it out on the track to act as if you’re the villain.

8. Deuce Coupe

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

If you want to race with the Turbo tortoise or the Foodie scootie, but are discouraged by the low availability of the two karts, the Deuce Coupe is a great kart to buy and race with. With the same exact stats of the Turbo tortoise, the Deuce Coupe is a more normalized kart with a traditional kart design. KartRider Rush+ describes it as a kart with an Omega Engine.

9. Turbo Tortoise

If you equip the Turbo Tortoise, you can obtain Turtle nitro instead of nitro. You’ll also have a 50% chance of getting Turtle nitro when hit by a Waterbomb or a Water fly. This kart is another decently balanced kart and can perform well in all aspects. Use this kart over some other beginner karts if you manage to get your hands on it.

10. Foodie Scootie

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

Based on its statistics, the Foodie Scootie is a decent kart that will perform well on the track. It’ll do especially well in item races because of its abilities, which include replacing magnets with Golden magnets and replacing a Banana peel with 2 Mines. With these abilities, this kart is definitely a good choice over other karts.

Honourable mentions

Dizzy Drifter

The Dizzy Drifter has a high chance to block enemy banana peels on the track. This kart is a more accessible and slightly better performing kart than the Banana Split. This kart has great curve stats, which will be useful in item races because of the number of turns. You can also use that to dodge Mines or any other enemy items.

Banana Split

best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+

You’ll only be able to win the Banana Split as a temporary reward for a few races. The Banana Split’s stats aren’t impressive at all, but the banana-shaped body and the banana tires give it a special ability. You’ll have a 100% chance of blocking all enemy bananas on the track. This can be very useful when playing item races.


The Daominator is basically a slightly better version of the Practice kart, but for item races. The Daominator is classified as a drifting kart, but it also can perform well in straights on the track. This kart is one of the racers you can choose when first starting KartRider Rush+, along with Diz. Dao’s kart is not that impressive when you look at other karts.

That’s it from us for today as we discuss the best karts for item races in KartRider Rush+. Did we miss out on any karts? Let us know in the comment section below!

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