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Kingdom Guard: Flexion releases the title on Samsung Galaxy Store and Amazon App Store

The game is now available on new stores!

Flexion Mobile, an Android game distribution business, has announced the release of tap4fun’s new hit strategy game Kingdom Guard on the Amazon App Store and the Samsung Galaxy Store. Flexion provides a distribution solution for Android games that are free to play. Developers can use the service to distribute their games across several platforms like Amazon, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, and ONE Store. These are the channels our developers are working hard to reach and support.

According to Sensor Tower data from March 2022, Kingdom Guard makes roughly $3 million in monthly income for the developer on Google Play. Flexion’s distribution services will increase revenue from alternative app stores while requiring less work and upfront fees from tap4fun. Flexion is currently averaging a 10% increase in income for the Android games it distributes.

Defend your kingdom against enemy invasion in Kingdom Guard

Kingdom Guard is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. It is a tower defense and strategy game in which players train their armies and defend their kingdom from attackers while attempting to capture the throne.

Kingdom Guard Tower defense
Image via tap4fun

Kingdom Guard’s premise is to defend an egg from invading hordes of foes throughout various levels. Players will be attacked by an elven archer, a fire wizard, an ice witch, and a goblin with a poison cannon. Place them on several platforms along a trail and watch them battle. They can change roles at any time. Because various horde members travel at varying speeds, players will need one of each fighter.

An ice witch, for example, is very useful at slowing down running foes. Horde members include gnomes, rogues, and orcs, as well as cyclops at the end of each level. The cyclops is the most difficult monster to beat, and you must level up your warriors to effectively combat him.

What are your thoughts about Flexion releasing Kingdom Guard on Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy Store? Let us know in the comments below!

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