Konami reveals eFootball 2022 Gameplay trailer at Gamescom 2021

Enter the realm of eFootball!

After the initial announcement of the renaming of the popular football title Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball from the next edition, KONAMI has been actively dropping out plenty of updates regarding the upcoming update. Recently, the announcement of Master League coming to mobile version also created a lot of hype among the fanbase. However, in the ongoing Gamescom 2021 event, KONAMI has officially revealed the eFootball gameplay trailer for the fans, which included the features that are coming along with eFootball 2022.

KONAMI at the Gamescom 2021

Popular game developer and publisher KONAMI was entering to participate at Gamescom 2021, where the company had confirmed its participation a few weeks back, with eFootball and its another game Yu-Gi-Oh! being the ones presented. KONAMI did release the latter’s trailer as well, but the talk was all about eFootball. It comes as no surprise as after this year’s Season update, players looked forward to seeing the new and fresh look of formerly titled ‘PES’ to eFootball. As promised, the gameplay glimpse via the trailer was first seen at Gamescom.

eFootball 2022 Gameplay Trailer

In the trailer release, there were a lot of things that were included in the trailer, be it the new stuff that is coming, like the gameplay changes or the camera angle added, but the thing that confused the players and fans is on how the trailer was presented. Well, we could say it wasn’t that bad, but when you consider the marketing point of view of a game, no doubt the presentation could have been much better. Both the mobile and pc/console gameplays seemed to have been in the mix when you saw the gameplay and fans could clearly identify this.

Trailer Glimpse eFootball Gameplay
eFootball 2022 Gameplay from Trailer Glimpse

It would have been very helpful if KONAMI could have kept the pc/console and mobile trailers separate, in order to avoid confusion and later on suggest what is coming to each platform. However, we could be wrong as KONAMI is presenting eFootball as a cross-platform free-to-play game, and with the mix, they could really show how it would be implemented. Talks on the trailer didn’t stop there, as the fans were seen unhappy on their respective social media platforms as editing or trailer narrations seemed unimpressive to many.

For a trailer, that too for a big game getting a refresh and a huge fan following, the marketing was pretty disappointing to be entirely honest. Editing was not good, and fans didn’t seem to like too many texts that came with the trailer. Also to note, there were few clips taken from their announcement trailer of eFootball, making it repetitive and underwhelming. Overall, not the best of the trailers, but it did have some positives too which are worth talking about.

Upcoming features as presented in the trailer

Leaving the thoughts on the trailer aside, curiously, we can see there are some improvements coming with the new model, and since the competition is increasing with Vive Le Football, which is bringing a fresh look to football gaming as well as new announcements like UFL and Goals, they would definitely not want to lose the top spot.

Gameplay additions

Few of the new features or updated features are shown in the trailer, listed below:

Controlling the Ball touch

Seems like this was already in the game, controlled player touch but with a sort of, weird name. As shown in the trailer, where the player can perform better first touches and ball control while dribbling, physical battles, etc. Also to note, Haptic Feedback is also now part of those smooth touches, which can be experienced by PS5 players.

Tricking the Defender

Feints, Skill moves, close control combined brings you the ‘Tricking the Defender’ and at this point, a player will realize this is already existing. Neymar’s skills were showcased in the trailer, and most of the fanbase knows Neymar is already renowned in the game for his skills.

Steal the ball & Physical Battles

New additions of stealing the ball where forwards can get closer and into positions to steal the ball from the defender. Along with that comes physical battles, again already existing without a name, which can be experienced by players already.

Sharp Kick

An interesting addition, players are able to perform crisp kicks and passes by the name sharp kicks but comes with the disadvantage of this action taking more time.

Duels and Fouling

Duels have been made more realistic according to the trailer, and have been checked throughout by big names like Iniesta and Pique, which comes as a big boost to the game. Also, fouling decisions seems to be reworked and made better.

New team gameplay styles

Few more team gameplan additions have been made: Revamped Possession game, Long Ball, Log Ball Counter, Out Wide and Quick Counter.

New Camera Angle: Duel

eFootball New Camera Angle - Duel
New Camera Angle – Duel

Deems to be a very good addition, and definitely improves one’s viewing angle of a player from a distance, say an improvised version of the wide camera angles existing in the game. Players can enjoy dribbles from a closer view, and it will help to keep sight of players and defend them in wide areas too.

Restart System improved

Tired of the black screen every time the ball went out of play? Say no more! The smart restart system will not give a pause to any gameplay action, which will help the player restart the match and keep the tempo of the game flowing without any pause. Well, seems they have brought this late but we will take it.


The release date of the game is not yet announced. For mobile, KONAMI has confirmed that updates regarding the same will be in the month of September, so like always, we can expect the console release first. When we round things up, the trailer did promise us new additional features, but again, we need to see what’s more in store for the fans. The presentation screens and the cutscenes look fresh, and some new additions seem to be an old book in a new cover. Since this is just the trailer, we should wait and see what’s more to come. Further announcements will be made on the future for sure, as of now, we can just speculate.

What are your thoughts on the gameplay trailer of Football 2022? Did you find the first looks of eFootball 2022 Gameplay satisfying? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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