eFootball 2022: Master League to be introduced for mobile

The favorite game mode to make its debut on mobile!

After the initial announcement of the renaming of the popular football title Pro Evolution Soccer to eFootball from the next edition, KONAMI has been actively dropping out plenty of updates regarding the upcoming update. However, things have turned sweet for mobile users as the producer of the eFootball 2022 game, Seitaro Kimura, has confirmed that the upcoming eFootball 2022 edition for mobile will feature Master League. This confirmation has definitely been a big surprise as well as a massive plus, which is definitely going to boost the overall mobile market of the game. 

Master League in PES

Master League used to feature only in the PC/Console editions of the game. This is one of the most loved game modes of PES, as it had a lot of players investing time on it because of how enjoyable it was and also not to forget the flexibility it offered. It allows players to take the manager’s seat completely along with the choice to make their own decisions.

A Glimpse of Master League in PES

Players can experience the unique satisfaction of orchestrating a stunning victory from behind the scenes of their club. Players can have the transfers of their choice, set their goals, and also have a command in building the club of their choice and bring them glory. Club management is a different aspect compared to MyClub, wherein the latter, players can collect footballers as cards, whereas in the former it will represent a real-life footballing world. 

Kimura’s interview with Gamer Japan

In the interview with Gamer Japan, Kimura answered many questions and also explained how eFootball 2022 is being planned altogether. When asked about how the game would be seen by the rest, the answers were pretty convincing and this in fact was a very direct talk, and things got more clear when we consider how the game would be available by launch. Speaking about the mobile version featuring Master League, he said:

This time, you will be able to play the Master League on eFootball mobile. In that case, it will be necessary to adjust the game design according to mobile so that you can play a little on the go, so I think that it will not be exactly the same. However, the basic way of playing is the same as before.

Kimura, PRODUCER, Efootball 2022

This essentially confirms ML in mobile, and curiosity is on how this will be featured. On being asked about the cross-platform feature, Kimura added: “It’s a touch operation on mobile, but the controller is stronger when it’s a touch vs. controller. Therefore, mobile will also be controller compatible. If this is the same genre, I think we can play against each other without handicap.”

However, it is interesting to note that Kimura did press some concerns about the full and final release, as he mentioned the issues that still need solving. This time around, it is a continuous operation, which means listening to the feedback of players from time to time and then do the fixing. Interested can read the full interview here.

What to expect in the mobile version

Well, just in case Master League arrives at a later date, there is no issue at all to be fair. It is a huge game mode, and mobile already having a 2GB game file will not make things simpler. But, what we can say is that Master League in eFootball 2022 mobile will not be fully-fledged and heavy as the ones in the PC/Console edition, and we can expect some tweaks and changes to balance out for the mobile version, and then get a release on a later date even after the initial eFootball 2022 mobile release. But how things will be carried out, is a question on demand without a doubt.

With the announcement of the Master League, it is tough to imagine how a game mode like Campaign coexists side by side. But it is certainly possible, and we can infer two things with this announcement and can have two possibilities:

  • Campaign mode will be removed, and Master League will fill the place. If you ask us, Campaign does give you the benefit of grinding GP, but other than that, it is a dull mode. There is nothing exciting over the span of 10 games, no changes can be made while a player enters a match, and random teams with no certain end to the mode also is a disappointing feature to make note of. Repetitive events have already made the fans lose interest, and we are pretty sure KONAMI doesn’t want this to be the case either.
  • Now here is the interesting take. Campaign getting retained, and the change in the game UI. You can see two modes, say MyClub and Master League. MyClub will feature all the contents that are present in the current version of the game, and then Master League will come as an additional DLC.
myclub and master league
MyClub and Master League

The question among the fan base is now whether Master League will be free or not. No wonder, all the fans of the game will prefer the game mode to be free, but since the game is already being offered as a free-to-play game, there is a slim chance that the mode will be free. Even if paid, the hope of getting ML for cheap is the most expected.

What next for eFootball

Earlier in the day, KONAMI also announced its partnership with MLS, the football league in the US. This will come as a major boost for the fans in the US, as players can play with the real-life football stars that are playing in the US league.

All eyes are now what next would eFootball bring in their announcement, which is via the Gamescom 2021 event. KONAMI had confirmed its participation a few days back, with eFootball and its another game Yu-Gi-Oh! which is scheduled for the last week of August 2021, from 25th to 27th of the month. Fans are curious about what would KONAMI bring to the table, along with the glimpses of the football game and the features that might be available at the time of release. Again, what all the users expect to see is a better game than what was shown in the trailer, and get more improvements when the final release of the game comes.

Are you excited about the announcement of the arrival of the master league in eFootball 2022? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Am so so excited to hear this amazing news 😍😍😍😍 can’t wait


Amazing and making it offline will be super amazing 🤩🤩🤩


After all this we still got no news if the mode will be available on mobile in 2023

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