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KonoSuba: Fantastic Days introduces Mel as a new playable character

A mischievous girl who is inexperienced with the ways of the world!

The mobile gacha RPG KonoSuba: Fantastic Days has received an update that introduces Mel as a new character, according to Nexon Korea Corp CEO Jung-Hun Lee. The new character, Mel, is a cheeky young woman who is unaccustomed to the customs of the outside world. Two Character Recruits, Raid Events, and more will be available to mark the publication of Mel.

Mel brings exciting events and rewards to KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

A lightning ghost named Mel was recently reawakened after being sealed away for a very long time. He is naughty and inexperienced. Despite her strong desire to make new friends, the majority of the individuals she encounters reject her because of her penchant for committing absurd pranks.  Spirit Javelin, Mel’s Super, deals all foes in battle critical regular physical damage.

For the duration of the Mel Joins the Battle! Lightning Girl Recruit event, which is being held by Nexon to commemorate the release of this new character, players can get the “4★ Mel (Spirit Power)” and “3★ Mel (Warm Welcome)” characters. With Paid Quartz, a 10x Recruit will be accessible at “Mel Joins the Battle! Special Set Recruit.”

Mel KonoSuba Fantastic Days
Image via Nexon

Additionally, players can earn a lot of goodies by completing “NORMAL” Main Quests, which will produce twice as many things until Friday, October 28, and twice as many “Affinity Points” until Tuesday, November 1.  Furthermore, players can get the “3 Mel (Excuse Me)” character if they take part in the “Raid Event” by November 1 and defeat the Event Boss 10 times.

Are you excited as KonoSuba: Fantastic Days introduces Mel as a new playable character? Let us know in the comments below!

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