KRAFTON introduces KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator to boost India’s game development ecosystem

KIGI will focus on game developers and aims to incubate 6-10 teams annually

Krafton India, a prominent gaming company known for creating BGMI and recognized as one of the largest gaming companies in the country, has introduced the KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator (KIGI). Commencing today, the initiative has been initiated with the goal of fostering and actively enhancing the rapidly growing gaming community in Asia’s third-largest economy.

KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator will nurture 6-10 startups annually with mentorship and resources

In their pursuit, KIGI has set a goal of nurturing 6 to 10 teams each year, with program durations varying from six months to one year. During this period, they intend to furnish selected startups with valuable guidance, mentorship, and access to KRAFTON’s extensive resources. Financial support, a key component of their incubator program, will typically be provided within the range of $50,000 to $150,000, taking into account the specific requirements of the ventures under incubation.

At KRAFTON, we recognize the immense potential that India holds in the global gaming landscape. KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator is a testament to our commitment to fostering creativity and innovation within the Indian gaming industry. Through the program, we hope to further develop the country’s capabilities in game development. We are excited to nurture the next generation of gaming talent in the country as well as mentor them in line with the government’s ambition of skilling the Indian workforce and increasing employability.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, KRAFTON India

KIGI demonstrates a proactive approach by actively seeking out early-stage startups, including those still in the conceptualization phase. Additionally, they are open to considering student teams and independent developers as potential candidates for their incubation program.

Unlock gaming potential with expert mentoring at KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator

In the KIGI program, individuals chosen to participate will have the privilege of receiving mentorship from distinguished figures within the gaming industry, including accomplished gaming industry executives, game developers, and experts from South Korea, a prominent hub in the global gaming landscape. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to tap into the extensive internal resources provided by KRAFTON, which encompass various assets such as data analytics and market research, to advance the development of their individual projects.

Notable individuals like Dave Curd, who presently holds the position of Creative Director at PUBG Studios and has previously served as the Art Director at Raven Software, as well as Harns Kim, the current Game Producer at KRAFTON, Inc. and former Live Service Producer for TERA at Bluehole Studios, will be among the distinguished professionals comprising the mentoring and guidance teams at KIGI.

KRAFTON India Gaming Incubator excludes gambling and real money gaming entities

After the program comes to an end, individuals taking part may also receive opportunities for their creations to be published, secure financial backing from external investors, and obtain equity investments from KRAFTON.

Leveraging the Indian gaming industry’s vast potential, we’re excited to embark on this journey to discover and empower next generation of gaming pioneers. Our program is designed to provide aspiring developers, designers, and creators with the resources and mentorship they need to bring their ideas to life. Aligned with the Indian government’s vision of boosting the startup ecosystem, we are enthusiastic about witnessing the emergence of groundbreaking ideas and games from the program.

Anuj Sahani, Head of KRAFTON Incubator Program

KIGI’s primary emphasis will be on businesses that display a strong enthusiasm for game development, a desire to expand, a willingness to engage in mentorship and collaboration with KRAFTON, and an interest in prospective funding and investment possibilities. It’s important to note that KIGI will not entertain applications from organizations primarily focused on gambling or real-money gaming.

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