Krafton takes steps to freeze the salary of the organization leader as they prepare for a serious situation

The team recognized the current situation as a crisis

Krafton, the South Korean gaming giant, is reportedly preparing for a difficult situation by taking measures such as having a freeze on the salary of the organization leader. On 19th January, Krafton communicated with its employees and shared their inputs on the direction that Krafton will follow in 2023.

The team plans to strengthen the Krafton system with the salary freeze

As per reports, Krafton’s internal communication program, KLT, an abbreviation for Krafton Live Talk, was held on 19th January 2023. During the talk, the company shared the company’s internal plans on which direction they want to head.

Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han was among the ones who batted for this decision of a salary freeze for the head of the organization. It was reported that some of the executives and employees in the company expected the annual salary freeze, as the talks were reduced to only once a week.

Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han
Krafton CEO Kim Chang-han (Image via Krafton)

CEO Kim said to the media: “We need to strengthen our publishing capabilities in order to continuously accumulate pipelines and have a system in which more games can go up to the market. This year is a difficult situation with the global economy stagnating. But it is also an opportunity to create an efficient organization.” We will do our best to make it happen.”

The financial crisis will tone down recruitment in Krafton

One of the officials also recognized that this current situation is recognized as a “critical financial crisis”. The talks were within the core group about the issues present. Hence, as a part of cost-cutting, the company plans to reduce costs in various places. This includes also toning down on the recruitment process of new employees.

The team plans to strengthen its publishing capabilities and systems so that more games can hold their foot strong on their positions in the market. For this, the Game Production & Media Expansion Division of Krafton will supposedly take more crucial roles.

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Image via KRAFTON

Even while being one of the top leaders in the gaming industry, Krafton has been hit with such a crisis. This may be in line with the recent removal of BGMI from App Stores. However, Krafton is putting an effort into bringing back BGMI while we wait to see the developments in the next few weeks.

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