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KRAFTON is continuing its efforts to bring back BGMI

Krafton to bring back BGMI soon!

Recently, KRAFTON made its Q3 2022 Earning details public that reflected huge success from the statistics and summary of the revenue they have earned so far. The details mentioned all the major games that have helped them reach this milestone. Surprisingly, KRAFTON has mentioned a few words about continuing their efforts in the Indian subcontinent. Let us analyze the Q3 revenue and the words from Krafton that give hope for the re-release of BGMI in India. 

KRAFTON has successfully generated a huge amount of Revenue in Q3 2022

PUBG Mobile action gamemode cover
Image via Krafton

The South Korean company recently announced its Q3 2022 earnings that revealed its huge success in front of the world. KRAFTON has successfully generated a revenue of $320.4 Million. The Operating Profit has been estimated to be around $104 Million along with the Net Profit of about $167 Million. Over this, PUBG Mobile has allegedly helped the company with $208 Million in revenue.

The famous collaborations such as with BLACKPINK have successfully attracted even more audiences to the game. Now, the game is also planning to collaborate with some of the famous international footballers which will help them set another huge margin. 

KRAFTON has also mentioned some of the popular games that have helped them a lot to generate this huge amount of revenue over the past few years. Additionally, the successful launch of PUBG Mobile has helped it a lot with a huge margin after its release in early 2018. KRAFTON also mentioned a few thanksgiving notes to BGMI as it helped the South Korean company to set its market over India.

KRAFTON mentions to re-release BGMI and expanding its territory over India soon

KRAFTON re-release BGMI
Image via Krafton

As BGMI has helped a lot to generate so much wealth over the Indian subcontinent, KRAFTON has mentioned a few words regarding their future. They are now more interested in investing more effort in India over the coming time. KRAFTON has also claimed to invest in more games in India as well. Thus, we can hope that BGMI gets unbanned and re-release the game with a bang in India so that they again help out the current scenario over the Indian market. 

What are your thoughts as KRAFTON continues its efforts to bring back BGMI? Let us know in the comment section below.

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