Kwalee introduces Artificial Intelligence in its game studios

Company introduces Employee Program ‘KAI’

Leading UK game publisher Kwalee has introduced Kwalee Artificial Intelligence (KAI), a program for employees that enables anybody to submit ideas for how AI might be utilized to improve workplace productivity or infuse innovation into the company’s next games.

Kwalee to encourage its employees to produce new, innovative ideas using artificial intelligence

Every Kwalee employee is encouraged by the program to use open-source artificial intelligence technologies, such as ChatGPT, Dall-E, and Midjourney, to develop fresh, original ideas that serve the business’s primary objectives, such as game design, data science, marketing, and customer service. Senior officials review each contribution before approving it in exchange for rewards like freebies and cash incentives.

The program is comparable to the business’s weekly Creative Wednesdays event when any team member is welcomed to promote a company-wide vote on their ideal mobile game, take two days off to oversee the construction of a prototype, and then share in the game’s financial success.

Kwalee had already made an AI-powered game back in 2019

Kwalee has long been an advocate for innovation in the business, a cause supported by CEO David Darling, a co-inventor of the ground-breaking Game Genie technology for Nintendo systems while co-founding Codemasters. This news represents the first time a games company has fully embraced AI as part of its mainstream commercial tactics as AI tools gain prominence in 2023.

Draw It 100 million downloads
Image via Kwalee

In 2019, the UK-based game publisher created Draw it, their most well-known title with over 115 million installs, and this was their first foray into AI and machine learning. A documentary examining the development of the game and the role that knowledgeable tech teams played in its commercial success was created to celebrate its top-charting achievement.

Kwalee aims to be at the forefront of the gaming industry with the integration of AI

Kwalee’s Vice President of Marketing Harry Lang stated in support of AI that marketers must, at least, embrace AI as a moderated assistant and an ideas sketchpad for the work they produce, going further to suggest that those who reject it may ‘find themselves, and the games they represent, left out in the cold.’

Incorporating AI technology into Kwalee’s daily operations would not only speed up game creation and boost user contentment, but it will also save costs and boost the company’s profitability. Kwalee’s dedication to AI highlights its dedication to becoming a pioneer in the quickly developing games industry and to providing gamers all over the world with the best gaming experiences.

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