Last Impact, a new action survival title gets a soft launch on Android in select regions

Survive in the land of dead!

Last Impact is a new multiplayer action survival game that is now available as a soft launch on Android devices. The game is only available in select regions including Russia and the Philippines. The game is set in a post-apocalypse world where you gather the last survivors and go on raids to survive in zombie zombie-infested world.

Experience the hardships of post-apocalyptic life in Last Impact

In this open-world game, the players aim to survive both dead and alive enemies to be renowned in the land of zombies and raiders. Players can gather their squad and join as a team to challenge other raiders to prove to others that they’re the best there is in this apocalyptic world. As you look to survive, You can look for allies and join a clan or make your own.

Last Impact soft launch
Image via Funcraft Games

Hunt and loot to collect resources to build and craft items. Allocate specific roles and tasks to your team members as per classes. You will have to constantly deal with hunger, mysterious plagues, and harsh conditions. Keep your guard up as there as zombies that look to attack you all the time. As you progress further, you will have to kill zombies and fight bandits to ensure your and your team’s survival.

Try to uncover the truth behind the infection that resulted in a zombie apocalypse by completing quests and exploring different locations. The game brings both PvP and PvE gameplay where you can launch raids and attack other clans. The game also lets you chat with other clans and survivors. You will also find NPCs and pets to help and accompany you on this journey to the land of the dead.

Last Impact soft launch
Image via Funcraft Games

Last Impact is now available on Android devices in select regions. Players in these regions can head to the Google Play Store and check out the game. So get out there, hone your skills, and survive among zombies that are hell-bent on killing you.

Are you excited as Last Impact gets a soft launch on Android devices? Let us know in the comment section below!

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