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League of Angels: Chaos is now available for pre-registration on Android and iOS

Unlock rewards on pre-registering!

YOOZOO Games is a global developer and publisher known for its popular mobile games such as Dynasty Scrolls or Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. And now they have announced the brand new fantasy action MMORPG game League of Angels: Chaos which is now up for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices globally.

Embark on your journey in League of Angels: Chaos to become a legend

League of Angels: Chaos will give players the ultimate RPG experience on mobile devices. Set in the time when Ragnarok has engulfed the world in chaos and the heavens themselves have been torn into pieces, as champions of the gods, players are the last hope to bring back order and restore the realm.

Moving further, players will be able to summon Angels to unleash True Power. Each Angel possesses mighty abilities that will change the tide of battle. Players can Attack, Defense, and Support-orientated Divine Blessings to add more strategy to the combat.

There will be 3 Legendary classes where you can choose from Dragoon, Mage, or Archer, each with its own skill sets and play styles.

  • Dragoon – Champion of justice that fights to uphold the honor and the glory of his order. Wielding massive blades in each hand, he is a whirlwind of steel and death on the battlefield.
  • Mage – Master of the elements that control the primal forces at his fingertips. Possessing generations of knowledge, he can unleash devastating spells on his foes.
  • Archer – Deadly marksman that never misses her mark. Trained by the ancient elves, her mastery of the bow is unmatched even by the gods themselves.
League of Angels: Chaos pre registration
Participate in Alliance Warfare: Cross-Server Conquest

Players will get to participate in Alliance Warfare: Cross-Server Conquest consisting of cooperative Raids. They will get to join powerful Alliances, fight across Cross-Server battlegrounds, and claim glory for your server. Clash in spectacular battles solo or alongside your comrades in a highly immersive combat experience!

Forge your Equipments to become a Champion

Collect all kinds of gear, including equipment sets and Divine weapons; craft and enhance your way to greatness. Forge your Legendary Equipment, upgrade Set Attributes, build up your power to conquer the battlefield!

League of Angels: Chaos pre registration
Trade to your heart’s content at the Auction House

Also, you will get to trade to your heart’s content at the Auction House. Find the perfect equipment or make a profit playing the market. Also, you will be able to carefully plan your resource management to get ahead of the competition.

In this game, every Instance, Boss, and Raid showers you with shiny loot. Farm without lifting a finger with auto mode! Also, you will be able to make progress even when you can’t access your phone!

League of Angels: Chaos is now open for pre-registration

Get the ultimate RPG experience on mobile as League of Angels: Chaos is now up for pre-registration on Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS devices globally. Pre-register now to unlock tons of rewards! The more players pre-register, the more rewards everyone gets.

  • Level 1 (50,000 pre-registration players): 50,000 Diamonds+ 10 Equipment Enhancement Stones
  • Level 2 (100,000 pre-registration players): 1 Growth Fruit + 10 Refinement Stone
  • Level 3 (200,000 pre-registration players): 1 Gemstone Pack + 1 Advanced Fruit
  • Level 4 (400,000 pre-registration players): 2 Demon Cloaks + 1 Lv.4 Gemstone Pack
  • Level 5 (800,000 pre-registration players): 3 Golden Keys + 10 Mythical Creature Marks

More rewards for pre-registration will be announced later. As of now over a million players have registered for the game. The game looks very promising and has hype around it. Till the game is released players have to play the waiting game.

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