Legendino: Dinosaur Battle: The turn-based action PVP game is now available for pre-registration

A fast-paced and exhilarating real-time turn-based strategy game that will captivate the gamers!

SuperPlanet has announced the pre-registration of their new adventure game Legendino: Dinosaur Battle. Developers behind popular games like Evil Hunter Tycoon and Sword Master Story have now opened the game for pre-registration on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This game will be available in 14 languages such as English and Chinese and in more than 172 countries including the US, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, France, and Germany. 

Gameplay Overview

Legend Dino is a real-time turn-based action PVP game based on Jules Verne’s novel Journey To The Center Of The Earth. From the perspective of the main character, the player has to explore the Lost World, an unknown world that unfolds beyond a huge cave in which the player will be able to grow into a Dino Master.

Legendino: Dinosaur Battle pre registration
Legendino: Dinosaur Battle legendary Dinos

Moreover, the player has to collect and help various dinosaur characters grow in the game and at the same time use these dinos to conduct 3v3 PVP dinosaur battles. The three dinos selected by the player are put into battle in a turn-based manner. Now, let’s take a closer look at the features of this game which you can enjoy in the lively 3v3 dinosaur battle action in Legendino!

What are the in-game features coming in Legendino: Dinosaur Battle

Legendino: Dinosaur Battle pre registration
Legendino: Dinosaur Battle gameplay

1. Collect and help colorful dinosaurs grow to prepare for battle

In Legendino: Dinosaur Battle, the players will not only be able to meet common dinosaurs but also some legendary ones such as Gladior and Kustaris, all portrayed within beautiful graphics. Among over 160 colorful dinos based on 5 attributes (Water, Fire, Forest, Light, and Darkness), players have to collect, nurture and send three dinos to battle to improve their combat power! 

2. Defeat your opponent in a mental war with the help of some basic skills

Now that all three of your Dinos are ready for battle, it’s time to turn on the basic skills that you will be able to use in the actual battle. One of the most important features that you can play in Legendino is to use the three basic skills at the right time: Soul Charge, Attack, and Defense. In a mental war based on a simultaneous turn-based system similar to the game ‘Rock, Paper,  Scissors, the best winning strategy is to grasp the characteristics of the dinos and predict your opponent’s strategy using this feature.

3. When the basic skills are not enough, use the Skill Combination System

Using only the three basic skills can seem monotonous but Legendino has a Skill Combination System in which you will be able to combine basic skills to create higher-level ones. By combining attack and attack, for example, you will get a strong attack. Attack and Defense will create the counter-attack skill which means defending yourself against the opponent’s attack while striking them with a critical blow!

Legendino: Dinosaur Battle is now available for pre-registration

Now that you know about collecting Dinos and have understood the concepts of the basic and composing skills, you are now ready to become a Dino Master. To celebrate Legendino’s upcoming global release, Super Planet has prepared various rewards for players such as 4-Star Mag-Jr. (Fire) and Gold x50K, Gemstones x1000, and Dino Feed x100 that will be given through several events. Developed by Super Planet, the adventure game is now available for pre-registration on iOS and Android. Fans interested in pre-registering can do so on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store which has started from today.

Are you excited about the upcoming release of Legendino: Dinosaur Battle? Let us know in the comment section below.

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