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Limbus Company Season 2 ‘Reminiscence’ set to release on June 1, 2023

Some interesting features on offer!

Project Moon’s RPG game Limbus Company will be getting the Season 2 update titled Reminiscence, which will begin on June 1, 2023. The update will also bring some new interesting content to the game, with a Main Story Update arriving.

The new season trailer features Yi Sang’s narration

In Limbus Company, players will assume the role of Dante, the Executive Manager with the primary responsibility of leading your party of 12 Sinners, who are essentially prisoners, deep into the subterranean facilities of Lobotomy Corporation in order to lay claim to the Golden Boughs. Each sinner is based on a famous story, ranging from the Odyssey, Moby-Dick, Don Quixote, and many more.

Limbus Company Roadmap
Image via Project Moon

Yi Sang takes the narration part in this new teaser, speaking about his past and love for technology. The rain and droplets add weight to his talk, about what appears to be the family that was taken from him. In the Roadmap release last April, the Season 2 update was also included. The developers have kept a good note on this one and will be getting the update as per plans.

As indicated in the June roadmap, the main story update of Chapter 4 will be released soon, along with new extractions and identities, E.G.Os, and Season 2 of the Battle Pass, as well as his new E.G.O., which can be obtained through the battle pass. New content also includes the Mirror Dungeon.

The coming updates also are something to look forward to and will include some minor updates on the way. However, this might change anytime, so players should be looking at the updates with interest.

Are you excited about Limbus Company Season 2 Reminiscence coming this June? Let us know in the comment section below!

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