Lost Light Valentine’s Day 2023 update brings exclusive skins, limited-time events and more

The First Guild Tournament is almost here!

Lost Light is a free-to-play survival shooter game created by NetEase Games. Players will join the Firefly Squad and unravel the Exclusion Zone’s mysteries as they defend humanity in the face of the end of the world. The Valentine’s Day 2023 update is bringing exclusive skins and other rewards in Lost Light that players may look forward to.

A new Lost Light Event, Rose, Guns, and Valentines has begun. During the event, players can get a limited-edition Valentine’s Day weapon skin for nothing. Players can also claim high-value items and limited-edition Emotes. There are special Valentine’s Day outfits as well as other items in the game. Also, the first Lost Light Guild Tournament is approaching. Join a guild and defend it there!

Valentine’s Day 2023 update brings exclusive skin and limited-time events in Lost Light

This Valentine’s Day will be romantic for the player’s thanks to the new “Thugs in Suits” movie. During the first week, players can get a 20% discount. They can experience a special Valentine’s Day in the post-apocalyptic world by rising to the position of the Exclusion Zone’s fashion leader in Lost Light.

Lost Light Valentine's Day 2023 update
Image via NetEase Games

Dim Light Daily Tasks for Valentine’s Day are only available while supplies last. To obtain the event-limited Weapon Skin “Mosin – Elite Red,” players must log into the game for ten days in a row. Players can redeem high-value products, such as an exclusive Valentine’s Day avatar, limited-edition emotes, targeted serum essential for surviving a pheromone outbreak—in-game supplies, and more, by completing daily tasks.

Lost Light announces its first guild tournament, Glowing Spirit Cup with the latest update

Soon, the “Glowing Spirit Cup,” the first guild tournament, will take place. Players can form a Guild with other players in the 24/7 community of Lost Light and go on adventures together. They can test numerous potent weapon configurations and try out various fighting tactics with the help of their Guild and Guild Members. Players can converse with other Fireflies in the Guild about shooting tactics and gaming experiences.

Lost Light Valentine's Day 2023 update
Image via NetEase Games

Players can join forces with guild members during the tournament to receive an EXP bonus. They can complete the Challenge Tasks to obtain Targeted Serums, Secure Cases, Exclusive Guild Avatar Frames, and other supplies.

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