Lost Light Beginners Guide, Tips and Tricks

Face challenges and survive in the Exclusion Zone.

Netease‘s next big shooter game is set to be Lost Light, a different take on their other similar-style shooter, Badlanders. It seems this new game will be more oriented toward high-end next-gen mobile devices. Because of that, the graphics and the abundance of content are very advanced here. This Lost Light beginners guide should sum up all you need to know about this brand new spotlight Netease game.

Introducing the Basics of Lost Light

Lost Light is like a complex web of information that can be very difficult to get your head around. This section will summarise all the necessary details you will need as a starter player.

Pre-Game Preparations

Battle Royale games tend to drop players onto the map, with empty hands, and then task them with the job of looking for guns and loot to survive. Lost Light, on the other hand, allows you to prepare before the game, buying loot from a virtual shop with in-game cash. You can then drop into a match fully loaded out, without having to scavenge against the RNG to get usable loot, although that is still an option. Make sure you take advantage of this feature, having a good gun at the ready could be the absolute difference-maker.

Picking your Soldier

Lost Light offers 2 types of soldier groups you can join. Both groups have different abilities and different jobs, so choose wisely!

1. Firefly

This is the soldier you can pick straight from the start of the game. The fireflies are tasked with invading the map for valuable items, the map here is basically the territory of the other type of soldier – Marauder. Fireflies can also pick any kind of loot they like before the match, and can play the match without any energy expenses. However, firefly soldiers are 1-man armies. You have no allies here, so any other player can and will try and take you out.

2. Marauder

This soldier can be unlocked after Level 3 and is the more advanced of the 2 types. Pick this class if you feel comfortable using any gun, as the game will grant you a random load-out before the match, with no option to customize. In addition, this class consumes energy too. There are benefits though since all Marauders are allies and so your only enemy will be the Fireflies. This gives a huge sense of safety when you think about it.

The objective for both types of soldiers is the same – drop in, gather loot, get out safely.

Earning Money from Looting

The whole big idea of the game is to bump up your cash balance. Like the main feature in the PC game, Escape From Tarkov, players are tasked with collecting loot in a match and then escaping via an escape point to stash their loot. It’s a very dynamic system, which is not common with a lot of shooter games. The guns, ammo, consumables, etc, all stay with your character when you finish your match, and you can sell those things for cash. Alternatively, the guns you collect can be stored in your “hideout” and you can use them instead of buying loot for pre-match prep.

There is a catch though if you die in the match, everything you have is up for grabs for any other player around. Buying the best items from the store as preparation is very risky since all that money could just be a gift to someone else if you let your guard down and die in the match. Luckily though, players have a safe section in their backpack too, this is basically a hidden area where you can store objects which stay with you even if you die. Use this for your best loot so you don’t risk losing them.

Lost Light Beginners Guide: Tips and Tricks

1. Wisely pick your pre-game loadout

Not many map-looting-style shooter games allow you to take in loot before the game. Make sure to pick your guns wisely, they should be things you are comfortable using, not just the most expensive ones. Picking up some consumables is useful too, especially the healing items.

Lost Light Loadout

Ammunition is probably one of the must-haves which you should definitely stock on based on what your most-used weapons are. Avoid going all in though, as you can still pick up loot in the match too, and a stacked load-out can prove hard on the budget too. If you aren’t comfortable with your combat skills, try to stick to the basic essentials whilst you improve your skill.

2. Learn the map inside-out

Whatever the map is, it is pretty much essential to learn everything about it. Everything from the loot spots, spawn points, hidden areas, and the general logistics too. For example, the first map called BAF Factory is quite confined with a lot of crates, ladders, and other typical warehouse objects. This makes combat heavily reliant on close quarters, so shotguns are very useful. On the other hand, in a more spaced-out map, snipers and rifles will be more efficient, as it will be easier to spot enemies in the distance.

3. Fight with intelligence

If you’ve played any battle royale or shooter game before, you will know what this is about. Diving into a battle head-first with no prep is like digging your own grave. Sure you might get away with it every once in a while, but this is never ideal. Try to scan out the area in front of you, get to know where enemies are coming from, and tactically plan out your attacks. Experience will help for this, just play a lot of matches and it should come to you naturally.

4. Healing your enemies

Believe it or not, this is possible. If you are a firefly, you’re technically on your own against other fireflies and a squad of marauders. However, when you down an opponent, there is the option to either finish them completely and send them back to the lobby or revive them. You’ll still be playing against them, but this is supposed to be an act of kindness to promote teamwork amongst the freelance fireflies. It is generally advised to avoid any kind of teaming with other fireflies, mainly because it is really hard to trust someone. There is all the chance that they turn around after you revive them and knock you down instead.

Lost Light, lost light release

Still though, if the golden chance ever comes around wherein you can team with a trustworthy firefly, don’t miss it, since 2 fireflies make an unstoppable force. If you ever be the one being revived by a firefly, do show some respect to the reviver!

5. Manage your health carefully

Lost Light has a very interesting health system. At your lobby base, you can view all your health stats mapped around a diagram of the human body. Players must make sure that all stats are at a sufficient level as otherwise, it can create huge handicaps.

For example, if your legs are in low health, your movement speed may be lower. Another feature is Bleeding, where if you incur significant damage, your character continuously loses blood until the point where you simply just drop dead, or you use a healing item. Make sure to be on top of your health at all times, and anything below full health is never acceptable.

That’s all for today’s Lost Light Beginners Guide. Did you find our Lost Light beginners guide useful? Do let us know in the comments below!

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What does insufficient marker mean? I need to put a marker in the worker office but I can’t.


A marker is an item that can be found or crafted. You need to have it in your backpack and place it in the office to complete the mission.

Stephen Moody

What does open scope of search operation in lost light game?


please what or where is the exclusion zone


they7 should add in controller support for mobile

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