Love & Pies: Supercell’s partner Trailmix globally launches its first game

A new entry to the Puzzle market!

Supercell-backed mobile game developer Trailmix has released their first game titled Love & Pies, which gets a global launch after spending a while in beta. The announcement came on 30th September 2021 with the official team releasing the game on both Android and iOS devices, with the launch trailer also releasing on the same date. The team had soft-launched the game in December 2020 for select regions. The puzzle game is already receiving positive reviews and the overall response seems to show a fun experience to have.

About Love & Pies 

Love & Pies is a relaxing, free-to-play merge puzzle game, with a neat narrative and sweet cafe decorations that may find many users hooked on. The storyline follows Amelia, a single mom who leaves the big city to go and live at her mom’s countryside cafe, only to find it on fire and her mom missing.

Love & Pies features
Love & Pies Gameplay and Features

She decides to investigate the mystery of the fire and figure out where her mom went, all while serving hungry customers and renovating the cafe. In the game, the locals help and hinder Amelia on her adventures, from her high-school ex, a bold news reporter, a quirky old friend, a tired town lawyer, flirty new acquaintances, and a ruthless nemesis, all will follow in this story.

Love & Pies gives the players a story full of enjoyment, intrigue, romance, and drama. The developers crafted a world that players can emotionally invest in, with something to laugh at, villains to rail against, and protagonists to identify with. There are beautiful chat images, vibrant animations, and dramatic cutscenes for players to enjoy with their story, which seems to be a big positive. The colorful puzzle core lets players merge cakes, cookies, coffee, and other treats to serve hungry customers.

Love & Pies Guide and Tips

Here are five tips from the team at Trailmix to enjoy Love & Pies even more.

1. Check the shop every day

Players will always get a free box of supplies for your cafe in their shop, but they can also buy energy and other board items. The board items for sale regularly change, so if there’s something that is really needed then be sure to check the shop regularly. Spending a few gems on a key item can reach the goals quickly.

2. Play through the story

The Love & Pies narrative doesn’t just give players a good story and sweet cafe upgrades, it also regularly gives them reward chests and board items. The story is split into days and tasks, making it easy to progress. It’s a great way to get extra gems, spawner boxes, coins, and more useful items.

3. Sell your stuff

A big part of the fun in Love & Pies is selling customers the items they ask for in the cafe, like cakes, salads, hotdogs, and coffee. However, you can also sell board items for some extra cash also. It’s ideal when you’re running low onboard space or want some more coins to spend on the story.

4. Save your pennies

It’s not just cakes and coffee that you can merge, but other items too. If you have space on your board then it’s worth saving and merging your coins, spawners, gems, and energy until they reach their max. You’ll get extra value, which can make all the difference when you want to spend them!

5. Remember to use your fridge

Using the fridge to store extra board items can really help you on the path to success, as it gives you more room to merge. It’s also a good idea to spend gems on extra fridge space as you progress.

Love & Pies has had a global launch and the game is available on both iOS App Store and Google Play.

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