Mahjong Soul August 2023 update brings Summer Festival featuring new Character, Outfits and more

Mahjong Soul, an anime-themed Japanese riichi mahjong game, has released the August 2023 update that brings a new character, Kurone Toujou. The update also includes four new outfits, a slew of decorations, and a plethora of rewards.

The Summer Festival will be open from August 15th to September 8th. In addition, as part of the summer festival, Mahjong Soul is preparing for its Phase Connect Mahjong Cup 2023. The collaboration with the virtual entertainment company Phase Connect has piqued the interest and excitement of players.

About Summer Festival in Mahjong Soul

During the Summer Festival, a new character and a limited-time event are being introduced in the game. The ‘Hand of Meow Event’ gives players the opportunity to earn a variety of free rewards. Limited Tile Face & Back – Cat Saint, Limited Title – Hand of Meow, and Summon Scrolls are available during this event.

Regular Summon has also been expanded with the addition of 28 new decorations and effects. Four Match BGMs, two Riichi BGMs, six Tile Backs, six Tablecloths, four Riichi Bets, three Riichi Effects, and three Winning Effects are included. The update also introduces a new Kana Fujita character story. By unlocking and exploring these characters, players can earn rewards such as a Summon Scroll, a Sunshine Lucky Bag, and more.

Mahjong Soul August 2023 update brings New Character: Kurone Toujou

Kurone Toujou, formerly known as geisha ‘Alluring Beauty,’ is said to live in Countless Springs, a paradise-like residence with year-round blossoms. Her public appearances have become rare since her participation in the Mahjong Soul Shrine’s mahjong competition, reserved only for festival parades. Her constant companion is an emerald-engraved shamisen with broken strings that have never been played or repaired, fueling much speculation but no comprehension.

Mahjong Soul August 2023 update
Image via Yostar

Toujou’s past remains a mystery, surrounded by opposing viewpoints. Players can unlock limited decorations and her Animated Bond Outfit by raising bonds. Riichi – Fox’s Wish, Winning – Grass Crown, and Portrait Frame – Heart of the Fox are among the decorations.

New Outfits and Decorations are now available as a part of Mahjong Soul August 2023 update

During the Summer Festival, Mahjong Soul debuts a new outfit series called Beachside Vacation, which includes two animated outfits for Fu Ji and Kana Fujita. Usumi Ishihara and Wanjirou can also wear two other outfits. Heartfelt Summer Series outfits are also now available as reruns.

Mahjong Soul August 2023 update
Image via Yostar Games

Moreover, during Summer Festival, players can obtain new limited decorations such as Tablecloth – To the Seaside, Tile Back – Seagull Supremacy, Portrait Frame – Young Lady’s Hairband, Riichi Bet – Sweet Watermelon, and Riichi BGM – “Blazing Moment.”

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