Make It to Midnight, a new 4v1 horror-themed game is now available in Rec Room

Hunt or be hunted in the new 4v1 horror-themed game

Make it to Midnight, an unsettling 4v1 horror-themed game is now available in the foremost virtual world, gaming, and user-generated content platform, Rec Room. Taking place within the forsaken Rec County Fairground, participants are tasked with opting either for the role of a survivor, collaborating with fellow players to activate generators and flee, or embodying Bonky the Clown, in pursuit of others. As the game advances, players will encounter exhilarating sensations, enhancing their gameplay through the acquisition of perks and the strategic outwitting of adversaries.

Make It to Midnight boosts player interaction and movement customization

Created utilizing Rec Room Studio, the identical creative platform accessible to the Rec Room Community, this fresh inclusion in the Rec Room Original series vows to provide an indelible encounter, all the while introducing novel instruments for creators – spanning from advancement mechanisms to enriched gameplay characteristics.

Make It to Midnight Rec Room
Image via Rec Room

Make It to Midnight offers creators enhanced tools for interaction and movement. This empowers them to design more captivating close combat systems, particularly tailored for players using both on-screen and touch-based platforms. Moreover, creators are now provided with the capability to adjust in-game characters’ movement characteristics such as speed, endurance, and jumping capability. This level of control enables them to finely tailor the gameplay according to their distinct creative ideas.

Make It to Midnight introduces innovative session-to-session progression

The initiative to introduce a comprehensive session-to-session progression system will be spearheaded by Make it to Midnight. Within this room, players will experience a unique feature that grants rewards for heightened engagement and commitment. As the suspense deepens with every playthrough, the game will acknowledge and offer incentives for the players’ perseverance and expertise, intensifying the excitement of the experience.

Additionally, creators within the Rec Room community will have the opportunity to smoothly incorporate this advancement system into their own creations, taking their rooms to an elevated level of exhilaration. Central to the majority of screen and mobile games, the heads-up display (HUD) has a crucial function in maintaining players informed and engaged.

Make It to Midnight
Image via Rec Room

The application Make it to Midnight provides game developers with the capability to manage this crucial element, enabling them to exhibit necessary game details using personalized metrics, symbols, and inventory features. Currently, Make it to Midnight has been released in Rec Room and is available across all gaming platforms.

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