Mario Kart Tour crosses $200 million in player revenue and 200 million downloads across all smartphone devices

$76 Million revenue came from the United States

Nintendo has always delivered blockbuster hits in the gaming market and Mario Kart Tour is turning out to be no different as it is confirmed to amass over 200 million dollars in player revenue as well as over 200 million downloads worldwide. These staggering numbers continued to cement the mobile spin-off of the long-standing Mario Kart franchise as one of the top racing games for smartphone devices.

A smash hit right off the bat

The staggering numbers amassed by Mario Kart hasn’t been a slow upward trajectory by any means. The game was considered to be a smash hit right from day 1. Launched on September 25, 2019, the game racked up 17.8 million dollars in revenue within the first 11 days and went on amass an astonishing 100 million dollars in less than six months.

Defying the critics

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for though. The game received a mixed reception upon release with an average Metacritic score of around 59/100. Critics lambasted the fact that the game’s ‘gacha’ type of nature, the monthly subscription feature as well as the absence of certain prominent characters in the game, most notably Luigi, who had been featured in all the trailers and promotional campaigns in the build up to the game’s release.

Mario Kart Tour Characters

Nonetheless, Nintendo’s previous track record as well as the glamorous reputation surrounding the Mario Kart IP has ensured that the game has become a smash hit on mobile devices even with the subpar reviews from critics. Mario Kart Tour is particularly popular in the United States with around 76 million dollars of revenue out of 200 coming from the United States alone. These fantastic numbers mean that Mario Kart Tour will be at the forefront of the mobile racing game market for quite some time.

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