Mario Kart Tour coin farming guide: 5 Ways to build your coin stack

Money money for crazy shopping!

Mario Kart Tour focuses strongly on the Character-Kart-Glider combo in order to get the best scores on a given race. To obtain the newest characters, or the rarest kart, you can either buy from the shop or win from the pipe. If you’re a daily player, you’ll find yourself slowly building up a collection of coins. There are multiple sources you can get them, with some more prominent than others. As a general hint from playing these sort of games – make sure you always have a healthy stack of coins (you never know whats coming up in the store)! So today in this article we will extensively talk about Mario Kart Tour Coin Farming Guide.

How to get more Coins in Mario Kart Tour

1. Races

Per day, you can earn up to 300 coins across all 16 cups. Coins are scattered in the tracks and also come up in item boxes. You have a small chance of starting a coin frenzy during a race also, in top pole positions. It is important to log on each day and complete these 300 coins first as it resets each day, and the other sources can be collected at any time during the season. Some tracks feature more coins than others and have layouts better suited for collecting. For example, Koopa Troopa Beach and Mario Circuit suit for quick coin collecting.

2. Challenges

Challenges are a big source of your seasonal coin incomes and can be obtained through multiple methods. Some seasonal cards reward rubies as prizes for completing tasks, some reward stars. In either, completing a line, row, or entire card rewards you with a small number of coins. 

3. Coin Rush

Mario Kart Tour, Coin Rush, Mario Kart

This, almost hidden game mode involves playing as a Golden Mario and collecting coins around the New York Minute racetrack. Before starting the game, you are given the option of starting the minigame with a multiplier (using rubies). These multipliers raise the total amount of coins you can collect over the track. You can also start a coin rush using a ticket (obtained this season through gifts) without multipliers. This game mode is a tradeoff over whether you like your chances at winning through the pipe or buying your own characters and vehicles in the shop. 

4. Gifts

Each season has a prize track, alongside each cup, where you can obtain gifts by collecting grand stars. These grand stars can be obtained through winning races, and beating the score thresholds, or completing challenges. In each gift, you can collect coins, tickets, characters and more. These are a great passive earner of coins whilst you complete your challenges and cups. 

5. Gliders

Mario Kart Tour, Glider, Coin Rush

A lesser-known hint for collecting coins is to use the gold glider. Gliders in Mario Kart Tour have a ‘plus’ ability, where they have a higher chance of getting a certain item from an item box. This High-end glider has a higher chance of pulling a coin from boxes in any race. Use this on a track with x3 item characters, to then increase your chances further of starting a coin frenzy. 

Do you have any other points on your mind to be added on Mario Kart Tour coin farming guide? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! And if you found this article helpful, then make sure to follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information delivered to your inbox!

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