Marvel Snap 16th May 2023 Update: Cards, General Updates, and more

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Marvel Snap comes up with yet another exciting patch note update just like every other month. For this, the officials have not come up with some great updates but yes, Kitty Pryde is back again in action as promised by the officials. So, let us know in detail about this patch note that got released on 16th May 2023 and what are the important aspects that have come up lately with this update. 

Kitty Pryde is back in action after a lot of hurdles in Marvel Snap May 2023 update

In the last patch update, Marvel Snap took down Kitty Pryde due to a massive problem faced by the players in between the matches. But now, the officials have fixed the issue and Kitty Pryde is back with a slight modification and it is expected that this will not become an issue just like the last time. 

Marvel Snap Kitty Pryde
Image via Nuverse

The card has come up with a slight modification in its power before it had an ability where the card gets returned to the player’s hand and the card gains +2 power. But now the new ability is that, when this card returns to the player’s hand, the card gains +2 power. The change is, the card will return only at the start of the turn. 

General Update 

Seasonal series drop: Here is the list of cards that have come up with a series drop in this patch update – 

  • Cards dropping from Series 5 to Series 4
  1. Master Mold 
  2. Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  3. Nimrod 
Marvel Snap series drop
Image via Nuverse
  • Cards dropping from Series 4 to Series 3
  1. Sentry 
  2. Silver Surfer
  3. Dazzler
  4. Shadow King 
  5. Shauron
  6. Ghost 
  • Cards staying in Series 4 
  1. Darkhawk 
  2. Knull

Audio Changes 

  1. Voice over updates 
  • Indonesia VO mixed and mastered
  • Thanos VO added for Spanish, Chinese,  Japanese, and Korean 
  1. General Updates
  • Fixed bug which would over-trigger card flare SFX in collection screen and in-game.

Marvel Snap May 2023 update: Cards Update

Kitty Pryde: 1/0 -> 1/0 

The card is being released with a new card design. Mainly the ability is changed slightly so that the previous problem does not rise again. As the official Marvel Snap team promised its players that it will release the card Kitty Pryde by working on it, and thus they kept their work and done it within a month. 

Cards Update in Marvel Snap 16th May, 2023 update
Image via Nuverse

Crystal: 4/4 -> 4/4

Crystal has been certainly one of a handful of playing cards seeing the extraordinarily low play and win rates for pretty some time now, and an apparent buff candidate. We debated preserving the route of the modern effect with the aid of eliminating the middle limit, increasing the cards drawn, etc. but the intricate factor is that we don’t need an effect like Crystal’s to be sturdy.

SNAP decks are the handiest 12 playing cards and we don’t want those cards to play out the same every time, so we’re very careful about letting gamers draw playing cards. This remodel is aimed to make an easy, appropriate Crystal that might be fun alongside a spread of playing cards.

Wave: 3/3 -> 3/3

Wave’s cost reduction occurs after different consequences that reduce card fees. further to a text replacement that clarifies when Wave’s impact starts off evolved, we’ve also made an alternatively massive adjustment “underneath the hood.” Wave will now start to follow after results that reduce card prices, rather than before, meaning She-Hulk, Death, and so on will constantly fee 4 whilst Wave is in effect.

We don’t take gently that this transformation kills some decks, however, Wave has been some distance too constraining on our capacity to use fee reduction as synergy praise in future designs. Leaning on Wave is just usually higher than dedicating your deck to the real synergy–we’ve seen that with demise on the grounds that each card went live, and we’ll preserve seeing it without this movement.

Death: 9/12 -> 8/12

As Death’s contemporary overall performance is largely dependent on Wave and Galactus, we wanted to improve her playability in other decks now that the interplay with Wave has changed. This could now not be sufficient, and if we see Death take a huge dive we’ll come back and look at how those values can be adjusted in addition to making certain demise stays a meaningful card for devoted ruin decks.

White Queen: 4/6 -> 4/6

Marvel Snap release, Marvel Snap cards, Marvel Snap cards series drop, Marvel Snap Series Drop March 2023, Marvel Snap March Survey
Image via Nuverse

This is just a text revision to remedy some ongoing confusion about what White Queen precisely does and the way it interacts with cards like Widow’s Bite. In the future, we might also pursue establishing a few kinds of shorthand for copying a card into your hand, however for now we’re simply going with the clearest expression of the card’s characteristics.

Marvel Snap May 2023 Update: Bug Fixes

  • Retreating while Kang is rewinding should no longer cause an Aw Snap error
  • Quake’s shuffling of locations should no longer prevent Shuri’s buff from being applied
  • “Rare” and “Super Rare” labels on cards should now be properly translated
  • Energy UI assets should no longer overlap when gaining extra energy
  • Speech bubble UI should no longer be hidden by cards in hand
  • Sandman and Electro should no longer show their VFX if they’ve been morphed into another card
  • Playing Hulk Buster on Iron Fist should now correctly show the merged card move
  • The “Set as Favorite” text should no longer overlap with the star UI icon in most languages
  • Snowguard (Hawk) should no longer cause an Aw Snap to occur when played on Knowhere with other On Reveal cards
Marvel Snap Snowguard
Image via Nuverse
  • Knowhere’s VFX for On Reveal cards should no longer display when the location is disabled by Snowguard (Hawk)
  • Unseen cards with reference cards (such as Snow Guard) should now show their reference cards when viewed for the first time in the Token Shop
  • Many localization adjustments to the size of the text in Thai
  • She-Hulk adjusted so her fist no longer obscures her power
  • Spaces should be better handled by card search in the collection.
  • Cards that have had their power altered by other cards should show the proper adjustments in the card detail view
  • The Season pass should now include the Mystery Variant reward on the Free Track
  • The Weekly Spotlight should now update appropriately when new cards are released and previous cards move into the S4/S5 slot
  • The player’s Token balance should be visible while viewing a card in the Token Shop
  • Jeff should be able to move where he pleases after being returned to hand by Beast
  • [PC] Playing Sentry should no longer cause an Aw Snap error

Marvel Snap May 2023 Update: Known Issues List 

  • It can be difficult to interact with the emotes in-match on some devices
  • The Season Pass spotlight card text is too large in some languages
  • Set as Favourite icon overlaps with the text icon in some languages
  • If you have the Series 3 card focused when the shop rolls, the screen will be blank for a moment
  • Banner VFX displays the wrong turn timer when Kang rewinds time
  • It can be hard to add or delete letters in the deck name on Android
  • The reconnecting text doesn’t show all the time when Reconnecting to a Friendly battle
  • Two players snapping on the same turn can cause the displayed energy pips to be incorrect
  • Sandman and Electro may not visually show the power on a location if the location is locked down
  • After the shop rolls over, some assets might be missing (should be resolved after playing a match)
  • The new player flow can be bypassed in some situations and cause the client to break until restarting
  • Spamming the Pin button on items in the Token Shop may cause an Aw Snap error
  • Scrolling through the Shop can conflict with the newly added horizontal scrolling of the Token Shop
  • Claimed Series 3 Cards in the Token Shop can appear to remain claimable until you’ve exited and returned to the shop
Marvel Snap Season 3 Power Cosmic
Image via Nuverse
  • Mission reward icons may be missing
  • Ongoing abilities delay the merge VFX for Klyntar
  • Mysterio’s token doesn’t update appropriately in all views when using a variant
  • Cards that changed abilities such as Mystique may not show the updated ability text if returned to hand
  • Spectrum’s VFX for indicating which cards will be impacted by her ability isn’t always displayed
  • When played on Sinister London, Omega Red’s copy plays its VFX multiple times
  • Cards in the Fast Upgrade section occasionally show the incorrect art
  • Quantum Realm doesn’t reduce the power of cards that have their cost and power swapped
  • Some item names in bundles have too-small fonts or can be cut off in some languages
  • Series 3 Token shop may show duplicate items before it’s rolled through each card
  • New Release cards don’t show your available tokens in the Shop UI
  • Token Shop doesn’t snap to the currently-focused card
  • Several currency/cache icons do not display in front of the UI/background when focused
  • Some variants have artist/variant name text that clips out of the nameplate
  • There can be a visual blip on the shop page
  • Time Stone doesn’t visually grant energy to the orb
  • Snowguard’s Artist Info is missing for its token cards
  • Can edit a deck’s name from the wrong UI if simultaneously pressing both Set Card Back and Edit Deck Name
  • Carousel images are occasionally not sized appropriately to the screen’s resolution
  • Some elements of the splash screen may be visible across adjacent screens
  • The “Next” button in Friendly Battle may be missing its asset on some iOS devices
  • Entering long character Deck names can cause some UI elements to be misaligned and overlap
  • The carousel UI may not fully extend vertically to the top of the screen for some devices
  • The Deck icon shifts when transitioning between the Collection and the Card Selection screens
  • Kang’s Rewind button no longer completely covers the End Turn button visually
  • If the Nexus’ power level hits the power cap, upon sharing to other locations with 1 or more power it can overflow and wrap around to a negative value
Marvel Snap Nebula
Image via Nuverse
  • If you own all Series 4 and 5 cards as well as all Ultimate variants then the token shop will become inaccessible for Series 3 cards as well
  • Notification pips can sometimes be visible beneath the card detail view
  • Sometimes bundle assets can overlap each other
  • Logging out and attempting to sign in via a different method can result in a hang on the Assembling splash
  • When Scarlet Witch or Reality Stone changes a location to Project Pegasus or Tinkerer’s Workshop, this location can trigger two turns.
  • The red pip for daily credits isn’t always visible
  • Corners of cards can appear cut off when tilted during the card detail view
  • Colleen Wing’s VFX play more than once when discarding a card
  • A long delay can occur an indestructible card such as Colossus is played on Murderworld
  • Gold and Season XP assets are missing in the expanded mission details view
  • Snow Guards VFX can persist to the reward collection screen
  • Infinity Stone card descriptions overlap the art assets in Korean
  • The Spanish language option displays incorrectly in the language selection
  • Collection Level Trophy Road assets are occasionally slow to load
  • The position of the Series Label and Nameplate adjusts slightly when viewing Artist Details
  • Player and Opponent text emotes occasionally overlap on some devices
  • The upgrade button is not greyed out when the player doesn’t have enough credits
  • The Free Series 3 Card in the token shop appears to be claimable again for a short time after claiming it
  • [PC] Avatar selection for PC users may be misaligned
  • [PC] Navigation buttons may disappear if redirected to the browser via carousel links
  • [PC] The Carousel can be hard to scroll
  • [PC] Switching languages after switching between Windowed and Windowed Fullscreen can cause text elements to disappear in the UI
  • [PC] Certain SFX continues to play when the game is no longer in focus

That’s all for the Marvel Snap 16th May 2023 Update!

Are you excited about the Marvel Snap May 2023 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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