Marvel Snap brings cards series drop and improvements to the token shop

Follow up with the new features!

Marvel Snap is one of the best games which players have ever witnessed in 2022. Recently, they have come up with a few changes in the card series and the token shop, which is required to be delivered to all the players. In this article, we will take a look at the first cards series drop and the new token shop in Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap introduces cards series drop

Marvel Snap introduced the series 4 and series 5 cards. Thus, a few days back, they came up with their first-ever Series Drop. In this Series Drop, the officials have degraded the series level of a few cards that are also being announced to the players. As per reports, some series 5 cards are moved to series 4 and some series 4 cards are moved to series 3. 

Marvel Snap cards series drop
Image via Nuverse

Here is the list of the cards that have been moved to series 4 from series 5:

  1. Valkyrie 
  2. Super Skrull
  3. Bast
  4. Shuri
  5. Black Panther 

Here are the cards that are moved from series 4 to series 3:

  1. Luke Cage
  2. Absorbing Man 
  3. She Hulk
  4. Titania 

Series drop helps the players to get the best cards at a cheap rate from the Token shop and even the cards get 10x more availability in the Collector’s Level section. The officials have announced that they will consistently announce some series drops every month, so that no cards get much more overpowered. 

The game has also introduced a new First Edition Badge, which is received by the players when they get a series 5 card before it gets a series drop. Thus, the player gets a First Edition badge for this. This feature mainly resembles that the players have received the card just after it has been released. 

Marvel Snap introduces useful changes in the Token Shop 

The token shop allows every player to progress towards every greatest card irrespective of how powerful or new the card may be. Thus, players need to complete a certain percentage of the level to receive a certain series of cards. Then, they can jump into the series 4 and series 5 cards. Thus, these are the few little bit changes, in which the game will set the Token Shop, so that players can progress towards the new series of cards and thus get the best ones in their decks. 

Marvel Snap Token Shop
Image via Nuverse

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap has thus introduced a Series Drop in the game, where they will nerf certain cards every month, so that they can be easily available to the players as well. There is the system of First Edition Badge, which reflects that the players have received the card, just after its release. Also, the Token Shop has come up with a few changes that will allow players to easily progress towards the hottest card. Thus, follow up on the new features and enjoy snapping into the world of Marvel Snap. 

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