Marvel Snap introduces Grand Central, a brand new location in its latest update 

Jump into the new location to have the best possible victories!

At the beginning of the season, Marvel Snap announced that they are going to release two new and exciting locations in the game for the players. The two locations, namely Grand Central and Milano are actually considered as one of the great locations due to their abilities. Thus, let us know more about this unique and new location, Grand Central, and discuss whether this location can help our players win a match or not. 

Grand Central can actually help players to win the match in Marvel Snap

The new location Grand Central brings up a very unique ability, that is, the location plays a random card from the deck of the players after the end of turn 5. This means that after players have played their cards at turn 5 if they have his location in their match then the location will randomly pick up a card from both the player’s decks and then add those cards in this location. Thus, if the players have great cards in their hands, it will be pretty obvious that they might snatch away the game at 5th turn of the game as well. 

Marvel Snap new location Grand Central

The card went live on 24th May, 2023 and thus due to the fact the card will have a 50% chance of showing up in every possible game player’s matchmaking. To win over the Grand Central it is very important for the players to have some great cards in their hands like Hulk, Apocalypse, and many more. The high-cost cards will help a lot as they come up with great powers and abilities and thus players will get to use them free of cost. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap Grand Central location
Image via Nuverse

Grand Central is a great addition to the collection of locations in the game. Players can actually get some great victories without investing in the high-cost cards and thus using the abilities of those cards to get their victories written on their names. Thus, why wait more, make your best deck of cards, and jump into the Grand Central to have the best possible victories in the Snapverse.

What are your thoughts on the new location, Grand Central in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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