Marvel Snap introduces Jeff, the Baby Land Shark in its latest update

The Land Shark with an indomitable appetite is here!

As the Animals Assemble season is about to come to an end in Marvel Snap and fewer cards were yet to be released. Thus here is one of the most unique cards players can find in the game that got released. Jeff, the Baby Land Shark is a unique Marvel character who directly came up to the game from the world of Marvel Comics in Marvel Snap.

The character has some standing-out powers and might even help a bit to win the rounds. Let us know more about this card in detail.

Jeff, The Baby Land Shark is a great card to have in your decks

Jeff, The Baby Land Shark is a very affordable card and costs only two energies and brings up 3 power points. The character has a very unique and outrageous power. Players can shift this card to any location once, and thus nothing will stop the card to move to that particular location. Even if the location has some negative ability, the card will still survive up there. 

Marvel Snap Jeff Baby Land Shark
Image via Nuverse

The card has a great sense of Win and Cube Rates which stand at 52% and 15% respectively. The card also got a ranking of around 136 compared to all other cards. Most importantly, this card is being released over the Series 5 Ultra Rare Pool and thus players can only receive this card if they are above Collection Level 486. The card also came up with three different types of variants which are about to be released in the upcoming days. 

Final Thoughts

Animals Assemble is about to come to an end and thus at the end as well, players can witness some of the great cards in Marvel Snap. So, grab them up and try to make one of the finest decks of cards you can. 

What are your thoughts about the new Jeff, the Baby Land Shark card in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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