Marvel Snap introduces Kang-The Conqueror card with its latest update

Kang makes his way to Marvel Snap!

Marvel Snap recently announced a new patch update that will get released before March 6. The game also came up with the epic Quantamania-themed season for this month as well due to the release of the movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. This created hype among the players but still, they waited until the conqueror himself arrived on the field. But now the wait is over and Kang The Conqueror card is announced in Marvel Snap. 

Marvel Snap announces the release of Kang The Conqueror

On March 1, 2023, Marvel Snap popped out a notification for the players from the in-game news section and thus announced the new upcoming card, which is none other than Kang-The Conqueror. They have given detailed statistics about the card as well and thus this depicts that this card of Kang is surely going to be a game changer for the players. 

The card of Kang costs 5 energy with 0 power and thus by this we can verify that this is going to get released as a 5 series card and it will be a super rare one as well. Players with over Collection Level of more than 486 only have the chance to get access to this card.

Marvel Snap Kang card
Image via Nuverse

The card effect goes on as, while it is used players get the chance to look at the move of their opponent and then again they can restart the turn. The game has also released the concept art for the other Variants of the card of Kang and thus this created hype with the players and boosted their enthusiasm. 

Final Thoughts 

Marvel Snap introduced their new card, Kang The Conqueror just in their new season, Quantamania. The card is a very rare one to receive and has a game-changing ability as well. Players with over 486+ Collection Levels only have the chance to get this card. Thus, play wisely and try to add this card to your deck to become the best Snapper over the leaderboards. 

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