Marvel Snap February 21, 2023 Update: Location, General, Balance Updates and more

Small updates made in the Marvel Snap universe!

Marvel Snap has introduced its latest update on February 21, 2023, which brings another Series drop, along with some big changes to cards like Thanos and Sandman, along with big changes to locations. Since the beginning of the year, developers Second Dinner Studios have been active, making earlier improvements to the Silver Surfer and Zabu cards.

Marvel Snap February 21, 2023 Update: General Updates

In this February 21, 2023 Update, developers have laid out some general updates in the form of Series Drop for some cards.

  • Series 5 to 4:
    • Silver Surfer
    • Knull
    • Darkhawk
    • Sentry
  • Series 4 to 3:
    • Agent Coulson
    • Maria Hill
    • Helicarrier
  • Series 5 and Series 4 now have shared rotation protection in the Token Shop.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when purchasing Season Pass levels.
  • Tapping the Credits or Gold icons at the top of the screen will navigate to the Shop.

Audio, Art, and Visual Effects

  • Made Onslaught VFX faster (especially for Bar Sinister).
  • Added additional VFX to the location affected by Klaw’s ability.
  • Added a notification for when you try and discard while your hand is empty.
  • Added animation for Rickety Bridge location.
  • Mysterio’s Illusions will now use your Mysterio’s variant.

Marvel Snap February 21, 2023 Update: Balance Changes

In addition to a few cards receiving simple power and cost changes, the most recent patch includes other cards and places that have undergone significant changes. The Mad Titan will now have a strength level of 11, up from 8, with the intention of making him more formidable even if you don’t obtain the Infinity Stones. This is one of the most major changes.

Along with an increase in price, Sandman will also gain more power. In an effort to better oppose opponents that want to play numerous cards on turn six, he is switching from 4-cost and 1 power to 5-cost and 5 power.

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Image via Nuverse

As an ongoing effort to improve card and location text, devs have adjusted everything that currently says “When you play a card” to say “After you play a card” instead. Now it will definitely be clearer that these abilities trigger once a card has been fully played, including its On Reveal effects. None of these are functional changes.

  • Angela
  • Bishop
  • Iron Fist
  • Lockjaw
  • Titania

The place Sakaar is also getting a significant update where rather than placing a card from each player’s hand after the reveal, it now does it at the end of the turn. Although the original design had some amusing moments, the developers claimed that it also had some less desirable interactions with cards like Wave and Storm, forcing players to alter their strategies mid-turn. As noted in Card Updates, the following locations are being revised to use “After” instead of “When” for triggers related to playing a card. None of these are functional changes.

  • Altar of Death
  • Bar Sinister
  • Cloning Vats
  • Danger Room
  • Death’s Domain
  • Lechuguilla
  • Luke’s Bar
  • Machineworld
  • Orchis Forge
  • Quantum Tunnel
  • Shuri’s Lab
  • Sinister London
  • Vibranium Mines
  • Vormir
  • Adjusted the cost of Klyntar’s Symbiote from 1 to 4.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

  • Absorbing Man’s effect can now be doubled by effects like Wong, Kamar Taj, and Odin.
  • The carousel should no longer get stuck mid-rotation on PC.
  • Moved the position of the Pro Bundle to the bottom of the shop.
  • Fast-forward VFX should properly show when Onslaught is played on Bar Sinister.
  • Altar of Death now gives energy if Green Goblin or Hobgoblin are played and destroyed on the opponent’s side.
  • Losing internet connection on the Friendly Battle Matchmaking now gives a connection error message instead of remaining on the Matchmaking screen.
  • Fixed a soft lock if both players were constantly idle in Friendly Battles.
  • Reduced size of cards in focus view so they overlap less with the variant/artist nameplate.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause soft locks in the Fast Upgrade flow.
  • Focusing a card in CLTR and Season Pass no longer plays the “New Card Earned” stinger SFX.
  • Purchasing Credits, Fast Upgrades, Token Shop cards, and Gold no longer causes the shop to scroll up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some variants from displaying in the token shop properly.
  • Miles Morales cost is correctly reduced if a card is moved and destroyed before its move resolves.
  • Fixed a soft lock when the Undo Actions UI opened over the Retreat UI.
  • AI should no longer retreat in matches for new players under rank 10.
  • Ranked reward notification pips now appear again when you reach a new rank and have claimable rewards.
  • The prompt for inputting an incorrect Friendly Battle code has been updated.
  • Added correct variant name for a Sentry variant that was previously missing information.
  • If a card is played on Shuri’s Lab and moves, the VFX now appear on the correct location.
  • Enemy emote font size is no longer too small.
  • Fixed an Aw Snap error that could occur when Strange Academy moved cards.
  • Goose’s VFX now plays in the correct location when it moves.
  • Kingpin’s VFX should now always show in the correct location.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause Jessica Jone’s VFX to not display properly.
  • Punisher’s drag VFX should now display correctly.
  • Iron Fist no longer remains on the board if it is destroyed after activating.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Vormir sound effects to not play at times.
  • Fixed a problem with Korean fonts that made text too big in some instances.
  • Booster colors are now updating properly in the Battle Pass rewards list.
  • Fix to Isle of Silence for cards that are not marked Ongoing in text.
  • Fixed a layout problem that caused a gap between the in-game Player and Opponent Avatar and the Player and Opponent Info pop-up
  • Quickly tapping to get premium Season Pass multiple times will no longer cause the game to be stuck.
  • Many art fixes over a variety of cards and variants.
  • The Steam client should now use current language as the initial locale.
  • Having 3 or 4 custom searches no longer causes the UI elements in the Filter menu to clip into each other.
  • Search and filter menus no longer clip under the notch at the top of iOS devices.
  • The Player Name change icon is no longer squished on certain devices.
  • Fixed the font size for some languages for the header text on the new season’s Welcome splash screen.
  • Fixed an issue where you could purchase the wrong item from the token shop if you purchased just as the shop rolled over.
  • It is no longer possible to enter nothing but spaces as a profile name.
  • Added a ‘no connection’ warning to the main splash screen.

Known Issues

  • Set as Favorite UI appears incorrectly on cards in the Token Shop.
  • Cards behind the game results screen can be interacted with.
  • The close UI button is too low in the name change UI.
  • Claimed UI appears overlapping the Season Cache icons.
  • Opponent names clip slightly into the avatar on the matchmaking screen.
  • Two players snapping on the same turn in a Friendly Battle causes the health pips to display incorrectly.
  • Health pips don’t update properly to show future/potential health loss after a player snaps.
  • Trying to reconnect to a Friendly Battle does not work from the Join screen if you don’t have a code in the text field.
  • The Next button on Friendly Battle UI screens sometimes show blank.
  • Health pips clip off the edge of the screen in Friendly Battle.
  • The losing player’s Avatar does not shatter in a Friendly Battle.
  • Disconnecting from the matchmaking screen of Friendly Battle may not show the Reconnecting text in the re-connect UI.
  • If a player Aw Snaps or disconnects out of a Friendly Battle and Never reconnects, the player who remains in the battle has to get through the remainder of the battle round by round (or concede entirely).
  • The player rename timer does not update dynamically.
  • Variant and split cards can be shown in the Deck Edit mode.
  • Recruit Season Pass spotlight card shows the “Variant” label.
  • Spotlight cards in the Season Pass can only be focused by tapping the lower-left section of the card.
  • Jessica Jones’ VFX doesn’t move properly if the card moves.
  • There is no SFX when collecting a new card from Collector’s Reserves.
  • Upgrading a card to get past CLTR cap will soft lock the game.
  • [PC] Scrolling through the Collection Level road using the mouse wheel can be slow.
  • [PC] Tooltips during Stakes FTUEs can display in the wrong place.
  • [PC] Resizing the client on the collection screen causes the sort and filter buttons to disappear until you restart
  • [PC] The carousel can be hard to scroll.
  • Copy/pasting deck names can be difficult on iOS.
  • Adding or removing letters from deck names can be difficult on Android.
  • Due to a payment related issue we have temporarily paused the payment function on Macbook. If you wish to complete a purchase you can still do so on mobile platforms and the web shop.

That is all about the February 2023 update for Marvel Snap.

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