Marvel Snap introduces Snowguard in its latest update

Grab the new card and dominate the battles!

For this new season of Animals Assemble, Marvel Snap has a new card in the Series 5 Ultra Rare Pool and hence, players can sum up their deck of cards and make it even more powerful. The Snowguard card made its way on 11th April and has brought up its heat inside players just after its launch in Marvel Snap.

Snowguard is an interesting character from the Marvel comics and is not yet introduced in the movies. Her character has great power and few doubtful rankings and rates. Thus, let us dive into the details and know more about the new card. We’ll also know whether it is a worthy card to have in Marvel Snap or not.

The Ultra Rare card puns up affordability with a unique set of strength and power

The card of Snowguard costs 1 energy and has a Power 2 in its card. The card has a unique power and thus if a player uses this card in a location then the card will transform itself into a Hawk or a Bear in each turn. Snowguard is being introduced in the Series 5 Pool cards and is stated as an Ultra Rare card thus, players can receive this card if they have a Collection Level of more than 486+

Marvel Snap Snowguard
Image via Nuverse

The card has come up with a rank of #208 compared to all other cards present in the game. The card also became popular and has a win rate of about 47% along with a cube rate of -2.7% which seems quite questionable. A few Variants are also witnessed over the official website which is yet to be released later in the game and thus players can easily grab them up. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap never lets players question their consistency and thus here is another set of proof for it. Thus, players over Collection Level 486 have the chance to grab this beautiful piece of card. But surprisingly, the card does not seem to do much good to the players and can just provide mere help in between turns. Hence, grab the card, use it, and let us know whether it is worthy or not. 

What are your thoughts about the new Snowguard card in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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