Marvel Snap releases Nebula with the launch of the new season 

Nebula is finally here!

The time to say goodbye to the season of Animals came and thus, it is the time to introduce the arrival of a new season in Marvel Snap. The new season 5 has successfully placed its feet over the Snapverse and thus it also came with a banger, that is, the card of Nebula. Players were already excited about the card and were waiting for so long for this card as this was considered a Staple card for every deck. Thus, let us dive into a detailed analysis of Nebula’s card and know whether it is really a game changer or not. 

How to unlock Nebula in Marvel Snap

The card of Nebula has one of the most unique and satisfying abilities that players always wanted to have in one of their cards. Firstly, the card comes up with 1 Power and 1 Cost which makes it quite affordable and easy to use for the players. Now comes the ability, Nebula has the ability which is quite unique and interesting. The card, when used, does not allow the opponents to play any card further at that particular location except for the round at which players have played it. 

Marvel Snap ranked this card a decent #161 among all the cards present in the game but it is quite evident that with this immense and powerful ability, the card is surely going to have a rank-up sooner in the game. The card also has a Win and Cube Rate of 58.3% and 50.4% respectively. Due to this out-of-the-board ability, players will surely grab up the maximum point over a particular location and increase the chance of their victory. 

As the card is being released over the Season Pass, players must play along and get leveled up over the Season Pass by completing all the assigned Season Pass Missions. This will thus help them to grab up Nebula and hence use the card over their deck. 

Marvel Snap Nebula release
Image via Nuverse

Final Thoughts

Marvel Snap faced a lot of trouble lately in the launches of their newest cards and also few of them were not considered good enough. But this time, Nebula just changed the vision of the players and thus came up with an amazing ability that can make players have this card over their decks. Thus, complete the season missions and grab this card as soon as possible to have a location in your name just at your first move itself.

What are your thoughts about the new Nebula card in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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