Marvel Snap Season 3 brings the Power Cosmic Battle Pass, Cards, Locations and more

A new power-packed season!

Just after the Daybreak of 5th December, Marvel Snap announced the end of their previous season, Warriors of Wakanda, and they came up with the new one already. Season 3 in Marvel Snap is named Power Cosmic and is considered their most content-packed season to date. This pass introduces new characters, amazing powerful seasonal rewards, brand new series 5 cards, and 4 new locations. Let’s quickly jump into the update and know about the brand-new cards and locations to help Marvel Snap players make a more powerful deck than before.

Marvel Snap Power Cosmic Battle Pass introduces Silver Surfer, a series 5 cards, and 4 new locations

Marvel Snap Season 3 Power Cosmic
Image via Nuverse

Marvel Snap promised the fans and they finally introduced Silver Surfer in the Power Cosmic season. The Silver Surfer card costs 3 points and can give +3 powers to all the 3 cost cards present at that location. The Power Cosmic also has many powerful seasonal rewards and includes some brand new series 5 cards. Marvel Snap introduced 3 new series 5 cards and has also revealed their powers.

Marvel Snap Season 3 Power Cosmic
Image via Nuverse

The new series 5 cards introduced in Marvel Snap are:

KnullComes up with the combined powers of all the destroyed cards in the match. 
SentryAdds -8 power to the right location
DarkhawkProvides +2 power for every card present in the opponent’s deck

Marvel Snap has also announced the dates on which players can get to see these cards which are followed as:

  • Players can witness the Silver Surfer card from the 5th of December.
  • The new Black Panther series 5 cards will launch on 8th December.
  • Knull will release on the 13th of December. 
  • Sentry and Darkhawk will get their chance to release on 20th December. 

Marvel Snap is also adding four new locations with this update

Just after the cards, Marvel Snap also introduced 4 new locations in the game in the Power Cosmic season. These locations are:

LamentisDraws 3 cards from both decks and destroys them instantly. 
Klyntar After turn 4, players can merge their cards in this location and convert them into a symbiote. 
Vormir The first card played by the players in this location will get destroyed.
MoragOn every turn, players cannot play their first card in this location. 

Marvel Snap has also introduced 20+ attractive variants of cards for the players that are available in the in-game store. Thus, Marvel Snap comes up with this many new items in their new season, Power Cosmic. That’s all for now, for further updates keep an eye on our page and get to know all the details about Marvel Snap at the earliest. 

Till then, hunt for the new cards and enjoy the new Power Cosmic battle pass season that has so many things waiting for the players. 

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Season 3 Power Cosmic? Let us know in the comment section below!

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