Marvel Snap: Series Drop for the month of April 2023 is now out

A series drop for three best 5 series cards !

Marvel Snap releases an update regarding the series drop of cards that comes along every month during the start of a new season. The series drop of cards brings down the cards into a lower rank of a rarity than what they had and thus makes it easier for players to receive them. This helps a lot; hence, in the end, players can easily make a great deck of cards with this series drop. Thus, let us check out the list of cards in Marvel Snap that came in the series drop after the April 2023 update

Players can now have a great chance to build a strong deck in Marvel Snap

For April, Marvel Snap came up with a series drop for three best 5 series cards and thus they are now dropped down from the 5th series to the 4th series. Here is the list of cards that are received a drop in their series:

  1. MODOK
  2. Ghost
  3. Stature
Marvel Snap April series drop
Image via Nuverse

Series 5 cards are considered the best cards players can witness over the game and thus these above-mentioned cards are considered a great game changer for the players. Hence, players can build up a strong deck for themselves. 

Marvel Snap has also come along with a few cards which got demoted into 3rd series from the 4th series. Series 4 also has great and strong cards in it and thus players can easily build a deck that will just make their deck of cards look scary. Here is the list of them as well:

  1. Shuri
  2. Super Skrull
  3. Black Panther
  4. Bast
  5. Valkyrie
Marvel Snap April series drop
Image via Nuverse

The new series 3 members look very promising and quite powerful. Players who will bag these cards can easily build a very strong deck of cards and thus can win against their opponents. 

Final Thoughts 

Series drop helps out players to get great cards in lower series and thus can make their deck of cards a lot better and strong. Hence, follow up this series drop and try to grab up these powerful cards to rule over the Snapverse. 

What are your thoughts as Series Drop for April 2023 is now out in Marvel Snap? Let us know in the comment section below!

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