Mediatek announces collaboration with Tencent and ARM to bring Real Time Ray Tracing to mobile games

RTX comes to mobile games!

A new technological advancement has now arrived in the mobile gaming industry courtesy of which game developers will be able to offer Real Time Ray Tracing to their respective mobile games. All of this would be possible as Mediatek, one of the Mobile SoC making giants has announced the collaboration with ARM and Tencent Games, the Chinese Video Game giants to work on a ray-tracing Software Development Kit (SDK) based on the Vulcan extension.

Ray-tracing software will change mobile gaming scenario in the coming days

Today Mediatek has officially launched the Vulkan extension-based mobile ray tracing SDK solution, and together with Arm and Tencent Games to achieve the first demonstration of real-time ray tracing technology for mobile. The new hardware image processing combined with the ray tracing feature will enable a leap in image quality with lower power consumption, bringing mobile games to a whole new level of graphic quality.

MediaTek’s Dimensity series of 5G mobile chips have been adopted by tens of millions of smartphones around the world and have a huge user base. MediaTek’s mobile ray tracing SDK solution provides a way to create core ray tracing functions, including path tracing, screen space ray tracing shadows, multiple reflections and arbitrary surface reflections

Excerpt from information revealed in Mediatek’s Chinese site

“This is compatible with the industry graphics standards defined by Khronos, allowing PCs Game developers can easily migrate to the mobile platform, bringing a more realistic and immersive gaming experience to mobile devices”, the excerpt read further.

So as it stands, there is definitely a possibility that upcoming games from these powerhouses would feature ray-tracing. Now for anyone who doesn’t know about ray-tracing, this is basically a GPU actually trying to emulate how we can see things in real life- by light rays bouncing off objects. This actually allows for realistic-looking visuals inside games and increases the immersion.

Mediatek Tencent ARM Collaboration
Ray Tracing Technology comes in Mobile gaming

Many PC games with Nvidia GPUs support ray-tracing but so far, no mobile device has been able to do it due to hardware restraints. However, Mediatek is changing that with their Dimensity 5G SoCs and it should be interesting to see developers making use of their tools.

What’s more interesting to note is that Minecraft Pocket Edition has actually already had an option to turn on ray-tracing in the game. However, a mass chunk of the player base can’t use it because maybe their hardware doesn’t support it. So these new developments certainly could change what mobile gaming looks like and take us into the future.

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